LaFrancis Elmer Hackett

Private, Fifth Independent Ohio Sharpshooters

22 June 1839 - 19 June 1920

History of the Fifth Independent Ohio Sharpshooters

Roster of the Fifth Independent Ohio Sharpshooters

Reunion Photos of the 5th Ohio Sharpshooters

Manual of Arms for the Sharpshooters, written by Capt. Barber

Biographies of the Men of the 5th Ind. Ohio Sharpshooters25 November 2008

Civil War Letters and Diaries of the 5th Ind. Ohio Sharpshooters

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Companies, Ohio Sharpshooters

7th Independent Ohio Sharpshooters

8th Independent Ohio Sharpshooters

The 1864 diary of LaFrancis E. Hackett

January 1864
February 1864
March 1864
April 1864
May 1864
June 1864
July 1864
August 1864
September 1864
October 1864
November 1864
December 1864

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General Gershom Morse Barber
Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, Cleveland, Ohio
Ohio in the Civil War

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