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Peruvian Army Mi-26 resuplying a field post. (Peruvian Army)

The goal of this Web site is to collect in a single place the most relevant and synthetic information on the various Latin American military organisations.

Chilean Armada Type 148 Teniente Orella. (Chilean Navy}

The focus is around hardware used and organisational structure.

The page does only include information obtained from public sources and does not publish anything that is not of public knowledge. "Public Knowledge" is defined as published in trade magazines (Air Force Monthly, IDF, etc.) or specialised books (Janes, Flottes de Combat, etc.).

The sources of information will be stated in each of the content oriented pages, but the general sources of information are mentioned in the General Bibliography and the various Links in the WWW.

Since this is obviously a somewhat ambitious project the site focuses first on ships, boats and aircrafts. After that focus will shift into the other more land oriented hardware.

FAA Finger C402

The comments and opinions expressed on this Web site are obviously only responsibility of the author and are an attempt to express his personal views on the current state of the organisations or equipments discussed. These opinions may be considered controversial at times and the author would like nothing less than to encourage open discussion of them and to be contradicted in his arguments by better logic/arguments.

Considering that this site has just started it only has some information on a few of the aircrafts used by Latin American military organisations and their organisations' history as well as on some of the Navies and their ships.

ARA La Argentina. (Argentinian Navy)

Currently the site is only showing some information on five countries (Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Honduras and Paraguay). Other countries will follow once the information for these five is reasonably complete. The next countries are likely to be Perú, Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador Colombia and Venezuela, in that order.

Obviously, the author would be very happy to receive any comments, corrections and/or additions to the information presented here as well as information and photos on the current or future countries. Of special interest are photos of ships, planes and army equipment, serial number information, manufacturer construction number information, equipment configuration, technical characteristics, order of battle and organisational structure. The author welcomes any new document and/or pointers. Thanks in advance. Unfortunately, the author has collected a lot of photos from a number of different sites without taking the proper care of noting the name of the photograph. I will endeavour to correct that mistake and give the due credit whenever I find that information. Thanks again for your understanding.

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Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Falklands (UK)
Guyane (France)
República Dominicana
Trinidad and Tobago
FAP's Mig-29U landing.

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General Bibliography

FACh's Pillán 135. (Eduardo Ahumada)

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