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The USS AUGUSTA (SSN 710) Sailor's

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We are the USS AUGUSTA sailors and this is our inlet on the internet! This page is our meeting place we welcome all visitors.
I have recently moved to Facebook and started a group there so get on and poke me there for group invite. Also be sure to check out Augusta Alumni Association website.

September 11, 2001

Our nation came under attack;
Over six thousand people got ready for work,
Left their homes, and never came back.
The World Trade Center was completely destroyed,
By terrorists in hijacked planes;
Who call what they do a holy war,
I call what they do insane.
They hit the Pentagon in Washington,
We were staggered, but did not fall;
The American people showed the world our resolve,
New Yorker's most of all.
And as the death toll continues to mount,
And the wound continues to bleed;
The American President steps to the front,
with the leadership we need.
Through the smoke and the rubble of the Trade Center Towers,
Emerges a nation united to fight;
The terrorists who attacked our land,
And threaten Lady Liberty's light.
Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines,
Will fight for us overseas;
But we at home must now show the world,
That we will not be brought to our knees.
It is time for the American patriot,
To stand up proud, and tall;
The world will see what we're made of,
When our backs are against the wall.
Don't mistake our compassion as weakness,
Nor mistake our desires as greed;
Don't mistake our caution for complacency,
These are fatal mistakes indeed.
For we, the American people,
Will defend with our lives what is right;
We stand as a unified nation;
One with moral, and military might.
The winds of war are blowing,
With a message carried 'round the world;
Our nation has been called to arms,
Her battle flag unfurled.
And we will reap not vengeance, but justice,
For lives taken that we can't get back;
On September 11, 2001,
When our nation came under attack.

Robert E. Springer 10/01/01

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