United States Benson-Livermore Class Destroyers


This website is dedicated to the sailors, engineers, and naval yard workers who gave their all with these ships to complete the final Victory in 1945. The spirit of these men and women will live on within this site and pass their history to generations to come.

Though there are no preserved examples of this class of destroyer, the spirit of these 96 ships lives on within this website.

Some say that a particular ship has a great fighting spirit. A ship is a mass of electronics and metal. The real spirit of any ship is contained within the crew that mans her. This crew makes these ships more than steel...they become living entities.

We especially honor the Destroyers and men still on station::

USS Lansdale DD426
USS Gwin DD433
USS Meredith DD434
USS Monssen DD436
USS Ingraham DD444
USS Bristol DD453
USS Emmons DD457
USS Laffey DD459
USS Corry DD463
USS Hobson DD464
USS Aaron Ward DD483
USS Duncan DD484
USS Barton DD599
USS Maddox DD622
USS Beatty DD640
USS Turner DD648

No other class of destroyer was more dominant in all theatres of the war than the 96 ships of the Benson-Livermore class.

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