United States Benson-Livermore Class Destroyers

USS Nicholson DD442 Underway

Motto:: Preserve, Promote, and Protect our Destroyer History
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You can help us improve this site. Help research and contribute to this ongoing project. Our goal is to have the most informative site available to preserve and present the History of the Benson-Livermore class Destroyers. If you have any information, books, pictures, sea stories, etc., please share them with us and full credit will be given to the provider.

We are preserving and setting up a Benson-Livermore class Destroyer library that will be a part of the Admiral Arleigh Burke Destroyermen's Museum aboard the memorial ship, USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr DD850. The Kennedy is berthed at Battleship Cove, Fall River, Mass. If you have any artifacts, either to donate or sell, please contact us at the email address below.

Underway are plans to put together and write a book about the configuration and history of the Benson-Livermore class destroyers. Any information would be gladly appreciated.

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