Emerald Display Case

This display case contains a number of items, mostly constiting of emeralds. A short sword, called a yataghan is in the center of the lower shelf, which has a handle made of ivory, and a scabbard encrusted with emeralds. It is 73 cm. (2.5 ft.) long and was a gift from Reza Gholi Khan to Nasseridin Mirza, prior to his coronation as Nasseridin Shah.

Above the sword, there are a couple of epaulets which are covered with over 300 diamonds, and large emeralds. They are seen worn by Nasseridin Shah in a portrait photograph which was taken in the Forty Columns (Chehel Sotoon) Palace in Isfahan. There are also a number of pins, brooches and other items of emerald on the lower shelf.

The upper shelf contains hunreds of loose emeralds, as well as a panel displaying 13 large emerald rings.

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