Nader Shah's Sword

This, according to legend, is Nader Shah's "All Conquering Sword" though the inscription on the blade attributes it to Fathali Shah. The sword is not visible in any of the portraits of Fathali Shah. There is however, a mural in the Marble Room of the Golestan Palace which shows Mohammad Shah Qajar, the successor to Fathali Shah, wearing the sword while on horseback.

Both sides of the handle and hilt are covered in diamonds. Only one side of the scabbard is covered with diamonds. The length of the sword is 100 cm. (3.2 ft.) and the largest of the 850 large diamonds on the sword is 20 cts.

The reverse side of the sword and scabbard shows a picture of the Shah on the hilt along with a few lines of verse, and the pictures of two of his 50 sons.

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