Turquoise Swords and Epaulets

High quality turqouise is mined in eastern provinces of Iran, so it would naturally adorn many items in the treasury.

The short sword on the top has a black horn handle. The scabbard is made of purple velvet and is decorated with gold plates, surrounded with rubies and studded with turquoise. It also bears has spinels, diamonds and onyx stones. The total length of the dagger is 61 cm. (2 ft.) It was purchased by Nasseridin Shah from Mohammad Bagher.

The epaulets in the middle are made of wood, covered with red velvet, and gold plates. The calligraphic verse in turquoise states Al-Sultan Ali Ibn Mousa Al-Reza. These epaulets were probably left from the reign of Nasseridin Shah.

The steel blade of the long sword on the bottom was probably made in the northeastern regions of Iran around the 17th century. The gold handle is covered with ivory and was also probably made at that time. The scabbard is of gold, encrusted with turquoise, rubies, emeralds and spinels. The total length of the sword is 98 cm. (3.3 ft.)

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