Rings and loose stones of emerald

In total, there are thousands of loose emeralds on display. The French jeweller Chardin, who visited Iran during the Safavid era in the mid-17th century, wrote in his travelogue that he often encountered individuals who wore 15 or 16 rings on their hands, often with 5 or 6 rings on a single finger. However, by the time of the Qajar dynasty, rings had fallen from fashion, even for the ladies of the court. This was perhaps due to the long sleeves which became fashionable at the time, and which covered the hands. By the end of the Qajar era, Western fashion had made it mark, and rings such as these were worn once again. Of the thirteen rings on diplay in this panel, the largest is 16 cts., and the smallest is 8 cts.

Among the loose emeralds, the largest is 189 cts.

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