Emerald Pillbox, Pocket Watch, Buckle and Seals

These are some of many everyday household items which are on display. The pillbox in the center of this photograph is made of a single emerald stone which has been cut in half. The gold frame which is studded with diamonds and a ruby is signed by a jewellery designer who worked in the Faberge workshop from 1886 until his death in 1903. The length of the pillbox is 5.2 cm. (2 in.)

The pocket watch seen on the lower left bears a 55 ct. emerald surrounded by diamonds and was made by a jeweller who had a workshop in Geneva and Paris.

The buckle on the top right also bears a large emerald of 152 cts., and is 5.2 cm. (2 in.) high.

The dome-shaped seals, on the bottom right and top left, are made of emerald and each bears the image of a Chinese-style dragon in different poses. The exterior of the seals are studded with diamonds, and have inscriptions which date the seals to approximately 1825 and attribute them to Fathali Shah.

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