Army National Guard Units

110th Medical Bn
(Air Ambulance)
24th Med CoLincolnUH-60
Det 449th Avn DASBLincoln
B Co 2-135th Avn GSABGrand IslandCH-47D
1-134th Avn (S&S)Grand IslandAircraft unknown
OSA Det 43LincolnC-12F
Det 1 126th Med Co (AA)RenoUH-60A/L
Det 1 Co G 140th AvnRenoCH-47D
Det 45 OSARenoC-12F
New Hampshire
1159th Med Co (Air Ambulance) ConcordUH-1, UH-60
OSA Det 18ConcordC-12D
New Jersey
HHC 1-150th AvnTrenton Mercer AirportNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-150th AvnTrenton Mercer AirportAH-1
B Co 1-150th AvnTrenton Mercer AirportAH-1
C Co 1-150th AvnTrenton Mercer AirportAH-1
HHSC 1-150 AvnTrentonNo aircraft assigned
B Co 1-126th AvnPicatinny ArsenalUH-1H
OSA Det 19Trenton Mercer AirportC-12D
New Mexico
717th Med Co (AA) Santa FeUH-1H, UH-1V, UH-60
OSA Det 44Santa FeC-12R
New York
HHC 42nd CABLathamNo aircraft assigned
Det 1 A Co 1-224 Avn (S&S)LathamAircraft unknown
HHC 3-142 AvnRonkonkomaNo aircraft assigned
A Co 3-142 AvnLathamUH-60
B Co 3-142 AvnRonkonkomaUH-60
D Co 3-142 AvnLathamUH-60
E Co 3-142 AvnPatchogueUH-60
Det 3 E Co 3-142 AvnLathamUH-60
Det 2 HHC 3-126 Avn (TOC)RochesterNo aircraft assigned
Det 1 B Co 3-126 Avn (hvy lift)RochesterCH-47D
Det 2 D Co 3-126 Avn (maint)RochesterAircraft maintenance
Det 2 E Co 3-126 Avn (support)RochesterNo aircraft assigned
249 Medical Company(-) Air AmbulanceRochesterUH-60
OSA Det 20LathamC-12F
North Carolina
B Co 1-159thKinstonCH-47D
1-130th AvnMorrisvilleAH-64
E Co Det 2 1-130th AvnSalisburyAH-64A
North Dakota
Operational Support Detachment 42BismarckC-12D
HHC 1-112th AvnBismarckNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-112th AvnBismarckUH-1H, UH-60A
Assault Helicopter Bn
Columbus, AkronUH-1, UH-60
Assault Helicopter Battalion
ColumbusNo Aircraft
A Co 1-137th
Assault Helicopter Bn
D Co 1-137th Avn (AVIM)maintenance company
G Co 1-137th AvnNorth CantonCH-47D
OSA Det 46NormanC-12F
Det 1 HHC 108 AvnTulsaUH-60
B Co 1-108 AvnTulsaUH-60
D Co 245 Avn (AVIM)Tulsamaintenance co
Det 1 D Co 149 AvnLexingtonCH-47
Det 1 717th Med CoLexingtonUH-60
Det 1 A Co 249 AvnNormanC-23
Det 1 E Co 168th AvnPendletonCH-47D
Det 3 B Co 351st AvnPendletonAVIM Maintenance
1042nd Med Co (Air Ambulance)SalemUH-60L
OSA Det 47SalemC-12F
Co A 249th AvnSalemC-23B
D Troop 1-104th CavFt. Indiantown GapAH-1F
E Troop 1-104th CavFt. Indiantown GapAH-1F
HQ 2-104th Avn GSABFt. Indiantown GapNo aircraft assigned
HHC 2-104th Avn GSABFt. Indiantown GapNo aircraft assigned
A Co 2-104th Avn GSABFt. Indiantown GapAircraft unknown
Det 1 B Co 2-104th Avn GSABFt. Indiantown GapAircraft unknown
Det 1 D Co 2-104th Avn GSABFt. Indiantown GapAircraft unknown
Eastern ARNG Aviation Training Site (EAATS)Ft. Indiantown GapUH-72A, CH-47D, UH-60
OSA Det 22Ft. Indiantown GapC-12
Det 1 F Co 192nd AvnFt. Indiantown GapC-23B
Puerto Rico
D Co 3-142nd AvnSan JuanUH-60
C Co 1-185th AvnSan JuanUH-60
Det.3 E Co 106th AvnSan JuanMaintenance company
F Co 192nd AvnSan JuanC-23B
OSA DetSan JuanC-12F
Rhode Island
HHC 1-126 Avn CSABQuonset PointNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-126th Avn CSABQuonset PointUH-60L
5-117 CAV (Air Recon)Quonset PointAH-1F
OSA Det 23North KingstownC-12D
Det 2 F Co 192nd TANorth KingstownC-23B
South Carolina
HHC 51st Avn GroupEastoverNo aircraft assigned
HHC 1-151st AvnEastoverNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-151st AvnEastoverAircraft unknown
B Co 1-151st AvnEastoverAH-64
C Co 1-151st AvnEastoverAircraft unknown
L Co 1-151st AvnColumbiaAircraft unknown
C Co 1-126th AvnColumbiaAircraft unknown
D Co 1-126th AvnColumbiaAircraft unknown
Det 1 L Co 168 AvnEastoverAircraft maintenance
C Co 1-159th Avn CSABEastoverUH-60L
South Dakota
Det 3 A Co 249th AvnRapid CityC-23B
1085th Med Co (Air Ambulance)Rapid CityUH-60
OSA Det 48Rapid CityC-12F
A Co(-)/107th AvnChattanoogaIntermediate Maintenance
Det 1 A Co(-)/107th AvnSmyrnaIntermediate Maintenance
670th ATC CompanySmyrnaAir Traffic Control
OSA Det 25SmyrnaC-12F
HHC 2-149TH AVNSan Antonio
A Co 2-149TH AVNSan AntonioUH-60
49TH ATC PLTSan AntonioNo aircraft assigned
C Co 2-149TH AVNAustinUH-60, OH-58
F Co (-) 149TH AVNAustin
HQ STARC(-)AustinUH-60
49th Aviation BrigadeAustin
Co B 2-149 AVN
Co C 2-149 AVN
Co G 149th AvnDallasCH-47D
1-149th Avn (Attack)HoustonAH-64
Det 2 H Co 171st AvnAustinC-23B
OSA Det 49AustinC-12F
HHC 211th Avn GroupWest JordanAH-64
Co A 1-211th AvnWest JordanAH-64
Co B 1-211th AvnWest JordanAH-64
Co C 1-211th AvnWest JordanAH-64
Co D 1-211th AvnWest JordanAH-64
Det 1 Co B 193 Avn BnWest Jordan
HHC 2-211th GSABWest JordanNo aircraft assigned
Co A 2-211th GSABWest JordanUH-60A
Co D 2-211th GSABWest JordanUH-60A
Co E 2-211th GSABWest JordanUH-60A
OSA Det 50West JordanC-12F
86th Med Co (Air Ambulance)ColchesterAircraft unknown
86th Med Co (Air Ambulance)So. BurlingtonAircraft unknown
OSA Det 27So. BurlingtonC-12C
HHC 2-224th AvnRichmond
A Co 2-224th AvnRichmondUH-1
B Co 2-224th AvnRichmondUH-60
C Co 2-224th Avn (AVUM)RichmondUnit maintenance
OSA Det 26SandstonC-12F
Virgin Islands
Det 4 F Co 192nd AvnEstate BethlehemC-23B
HQ 1-168th Avn BnCp MurrayNo aircraft assigned
HHC Co 1-168th Avn BnCp MurrayNo aircraft assigned
E Co 168th Avn BnCp MurrayCH-47D
L Co 168th Avn BnCp MurrayIntermediate Maintenance
C Co 2-147th AvnCp MurrayUH-60
Det 2 A Co 249th Avn BnCp MurrayC-23B
66th Avn Bn
Cp MurrayNo aircraft assigned
HHC Co 66th Avn BnCp MurrayNo aircraft assigned
OSA Det 51Cp MurrayC-12
West Virginia
C Co 2-104th AvnWheelingUH-1
Det 1 C Co 2-104th AvnParkersburgUH-1
Det 1 D Co 2-104th AvnParkersburgUH-1
Det 1 121st Medical CoParkersburg
146th Med DetParkersburgAircraft unknown
OSA Det 28ParkersburgC-12C
Fixed Wing Army National Guard Training Site
BridgeportC-12, C-23, C-26
832nd Med CoWest BendUH-1H
Det 1 D Co 109th AvnWest BendIntermediate Maintenance
HHC 1-147th AvnMadisonNo aircraft assigned
A Co 1-147th AvnMadisonUH-60A
C Co 1-147th AvnMadisonUH-60A
D Co 1-147th AvnMadisonAVIM
OSA Det 52MadisonC-12
1022nd Med CoCheyenneUH-60
OSA Det 53CheyenneC-12F

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