~ Maps of Camp Chase ~

~ Camp Chase, drawing by A. Ruger, Co. H, 88th O.V.I. ~

    "The above scenes will be familiar to those who were in the Camp Chase Prison. The street at bottom of picture is Broadway ( now Broad Street), and the "mile house" illustrated in December veteran, is near the center of this area. The main prison is at upper left-hand corner and about half-way from Broadway to the Confederate Cemetery. The group of buildings, six in a row to the right of the main prison, is the Confederate Hospital, while the two-story building at the lower right-hand corner of the picture is the Federal Hospital. Camp Chase was a regular camp of instruction, and long rows of buildings at right of campus, comprising two squares, indicate the Federal soldiers' quarters. It is evident that in a few years the city will extend fully out to the cemetery."

    ~ Confederate Veteran January, 1897, Vol.6, No.1 ~

An approximate overlay onto a modern map to show the boundaries
of Camp Chase and the location of Camp Chase Cemetery.
Map Source: Map Quest. Graphics: MP

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