Welcome to PART II of the chronicle about Task Force Falcon, Kosovo. This page dates from January 1, 2000. KFOR continues to provide security for the citizens of Kosovo, Albanians and Serbians alike. Undaunted by hatred, obstacles, terroristic attacks, the men and women of Task Force Falcon work to bring order to this chaotic province. Headquarters for U.S. forces is located at Camp Bondsteel, near Urosevac (Ferizaj) and Camp Monteith, near Gniljane (Gjilan). Click on the appropriate icon to find out in detail what has occurred.

As part of Operation Joint Guardian, the United States agreed to provide a force of approximately 6,000 U.S. personnel as part of the NATO KFOR to help maintain a capable military force in Kosovo and to ensure the safety of all people in Kosovo. The U.S. patrols one of the four NATO sectors providing personnel, units and equipment to other components of the KFOR organization. The U.S.sector is in southeast Kosovo.

This map identifies the U.S. Sector, and "hot spots" where our soldiers patrol.

Operations Allied Force and Joint Guardian have raised questions about the changing rules of engagement.

Click here for PART I on Task Force Falcon.

Photo Galleries give the viewer an idea of the conditions that face our troops in Kosovo. Click on the icons below to see our men and women in action in the U.S. sector of Kosovo.

Fayetteville On-Line has many articles and photo galleries about Task Force Falcon, particularly the 82nd Airborne.

This link has many military articles about Task Force Falcon, plus the Falcon Flier, a weekly newletter written by American soldiers in Kosovo.

For information about our troops before they entered Kosovo in June, 1999, click on the Task
Force Hawk icon.
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