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Gunnar's Playhouse
Gunnar Retired- Gunnar retired from Police work in June 2001 after five years of police work. 
Gunnar Kain
July 2, 1993- June 17, 2003
The Lord called Gunnar Home!  Gunnar spent his retirement at home with his family and he gave us many years of love and joy until his death on June 17, 2003.  For those of you that have a K-9 partner, you know the bond that the two of you have and how hard it would be to say goodbye...so this is our letter to Gunnar:

We are going to miss you Gunnar!  We love you very much and we keep expecting to see your mug around every corner...and your not there.  We wanted to say thanks for your many years of service and saving daddy's life twice!  You saved many lives by taking drugs off of our streets and every step of the way we were proud of you. Your daddy misses your head on his lap and I miss your being here to protect us.  We shared our favorite stories tonight and we realized how much laughter you brought into this house.  We hope you are in heaven eating all you want, playing with your favorite toy and chasing all the cats you find!  We wish for you to rest and know that you protected us and loved us more then we ever expected.  We were the luckiest family because we got to share the time God gave you on Earth.  We love you buddy and we will see you again someday.

Thanks again to all of you that have written Gunnar over the years. Most K-9's don't get the recognition that they deserve, so we took pride in the "good job" emails from everyday folks.   And to all of the kids that email Gunnar- Gunnar was the biggest kid in our family and he got into more trouble then you can imagine...but he always made things right again.  Love your pets and enjoy everyday you get to spend with them.  

Thanks again- Gunnar's Family
My Home Life was great!!!
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