"43rd Alabama Infantry Regiment"




I hope this will become a fitting tribute to the men of the 43rd Alabama Infantry Regiment. My GGGGrandfather Daniel F. Tubbs H Company who was killed on picket on July 29, 1864 in Petersburg Va. I believe he rest with the unknowns in Blandford Church Confederate Cem.

We are Authorized by the war Department to raise a Regiment of Infantry for the war. We will muster into service by companies or Squads in any number. Fifty dollars Bounty will be paid to each man as soon as Companies are organized. The best rifles and Muskets have been procured from the Department to arm the Regiment as soon as organized. As the Government is in need of double-barrel Shot guns for Calvery(sic) service, persons having the same will be mustered in with them, and we have the assurance of the Department that they will be paid for in money or exchange for Muskets or Rifles. Persons having Shot Guns now have the opportunity of serving their country in a two-fold manner. A place of rendezvous will be selected to which recruits will be sent, if preferred, as they are mustered. We will visit any point in the state for the purpose of mustering in recruits. Any application directed to Major A. Gracie at Montgomery, or Capt Y.M. Moody, at Linden, Ala. will be promptly attended to. Application can also be made to F.W. Siddons,Esq. at Selma, Ala.

The 43rd Alabama Infantry was organized in Mobile in May 1862 and was sent to Chattanooga where it was placed in Ledbetters Brigade, Heth's Division, Dept. Of East Tennessee. It's first commander was Colonel Archibald Gracie Jr, Who was born in New York on December 1, 1832. he was a graduate of West Point, But resigned and went to Mobile Alabama to go into business with his father. He first served as major in the 11th Alabama and was later ordered to organize the 43rd Alabama and was made its Colonel on Feb. 11, 1862. He spent the rest of the war in contact with the Regiment first as its Colonel then as its Brigade commander.

The Regiment first saw action in a small fight on August 13, 1862 at Huntsville,Tn. A partisan regiment, the 7th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry under Colonel William Clift was organized in Scot and Morgan county Tn. Between 250 and 400 men from this unit were in Huntsville Tn. in Scott County were they had built a small fort. Colonel Clift wrote in his report of the attack "On the morning of August 13, about 8 o'clock, our pickets were driven in by the enemy. My command, numbering 250 meb, were soon in order for battle. I was attacked about 9 o'clock by the enemy, numbering from 1,500 to 2,000 men. On the appearence of such disproportionate numbers, my men(who were mostly new recruits) left my breastwork in wild confusion" In this fight Colonel Gracie assaulted and captured Fort Clift with two companies of the 43rd Alabama. Because of this success Colonel Gracie was appointed Brigadier General, At this time Y.M. Moody was promoted Colonel and given command of the 43rd Alabama.

The Regiment then went into Kentucky in early Sept. with Kirby Smith through Cumberland Gap, Occupying Frankfort and Lexington, were General Gracie was made Military commander of Lexington. They returned to East Tennessee by Oct. 26, It spent the winter of 1862-63 at Cumberland Gap. On July 20, 1863 the regiment recieved orders to move toward Knoxville but did not get there, Just short of Knoxville the regiment stopped and then fell back to Chattanooga where it was it became part of the Army of Tennessee under Braxton Bragg.

At the Battle of Chickamauga it fought most Valiantly and its loss was very heavy. At 3:30 General Longstreet Ordered Preston's Division forward through the ranks of General Kershaw, The 43rd Alabama with the rest of the brigade on the right, Kelly's Brigade on the left with Trigg's Brigade in reserve. The Brigade went into action with the 43rd on the left, then the 3rd Bn Alabama legion,4th Bn,1st Bn,2nd Bn and the 63rd Tn. Early in the attack the 63rd Tn had moved wide forming a hole in the line, The 43rd moved to the right and filled the hole between the 2nd Bn Alabama Legion and the 63rd Tn. In this attack on Snodgrass Hill the 2nd Bn broke the federal line in a one of the most gallant actions of the war. One company from the 1st Bn and 9 companies of the 43rd joined them on the crest and beat off repeated counterattacks until they used up all ammunition and many of the weapons became to foul to use. As Kershaw's Brigade moved to make room for the Brigade to move through Colonel Oates of the 15th Alabama Infantry scrutinized the troops " As we moved out, he said, We passed Gracie's Brigade going in, in echelon of battalions as handsomely as a command ever moved to such perilous work, It had never been in battle and it's ranks were full" Preston's, the last of Longstreet's attacks was the bloodiest and most vicious of all. In the O.R. Colonel William Stoughton of the 11 Mich. Infantry commanding the 2nd brigade 2nd Division 14th Army Corps wrote, "About 4 oclock the enemy made a vigorous attack upon our position and a contest ensued, which in its fierceness and duration has few parallels...the enemy was in heavy fever and fought with the most determained obstinecy. As fast as their ranks were thinned by our fire they were filled by fresh troops, They pressed forward and charged up to our lines firing across our breastworks and planted their colors within 100 feet of our own. A dense cloud of smoke enveloped our lines and in some places the position of the foe could only be known by the flash of his guns". According to the reports written by the commanders in Gracie's Brigade the units in this Federal report are the 2nd Battalion Alabama legion, A small portion of A company 1st Battalion Alabama Legion and the 43rd Alabama Infantry which was brought up by General Gracie, the other units of the brigade stopped at the bottom of the hill. In this attack Gracie's Brigade lost 698, killed, wounded, or missing, the most of Preston's Division.Both General Preston and General Gracie were enthusiastic in their commendation of the men and Officers of this regiment.After the assault the command remained 2 days on the field of battle burying it's dead, then moved to Missionary Ridge. They remained on the ridge until Nov. 18,1863.

On the 19th they moved to Chickamauge Station, it was here they were moved by rail to Charleston Tn., reaching there Nov. 25, 1863, here changes were made to the organazation of the brigade. The Hilliard's Alabama legion was consolidated into two separate regiments. The brigade now consisted of the 41st Alabama which was organized at Tuscaloosa Alabama on May 16, 1862 and spent the time before joining General Gracie's command as the non-Kentucky portion of the famed Orphan Brigade, 43rd Alabama, 59th Alabama which was organized by the consolidation of the 2nd Battalion and the 4th Battalion of the Alabama Legion, 60th Alabama which was organized by the consolidation of the 3rd battalion and four companies of the 1st Battalion Alabama Legion, and the 23rd Battalion of Alabama Sharpshooters which was organized by the assignment of three compaines from the 1st Battalion Alabama Legion.  After hard marching the Regiment reached Knoxville Tn. in time to particapate in the assault on the morning of Nov. 29, 1863. After advanceing the Brigade was ordered to fall back the attack having already failed on other parts of the battlefield. The Regiment remained on the field in rifle pits until night fall of Dec. 4, 1863 when the ordered withdrawel took place after a difficult night march through winter conditions the brigade reached Blain's cross roads at daylight a point near Lee's springs. Stopping there about 2 hours, they continued on to Rutledge Tn.The one day and two nights spent here were very rough for want of rations of any kind. The brigade then moved to a point 5 miles from Rogersville Tn. which was reached on Dec. 7, 1863. The brigade stayed until the early morning of Dec. 14, 1863 on which the brigade was orered to fall in moving through rain and mud the march carried the brigade back toward Bean's station Tn. and at about 3:30 pm commotion at the head of the column announced the action to come. A short time later the brigade was formed in line of battle and the command forward-guide center was given, advancing the brigade passed through an orchard and in the distance about 3/4 of a mile lay Bean's Station, which contained a brick hotel and wooden out buildings. Beyond the station implaced on a ridge was a line of battle of enemy artillery which commanded the ground over which the brigade advanced. From amoung the buildings came puffs of smoke indicating firing from infantry, advancing and halting to lie down several times the brigade got close enough to attack and with heavy firing falling on the brigade and night coming on the 60th Alabama charged taking the station and holding it until night fall brought an end to the battle. Colonel E. Porter  Alexander stated that loss for the engagement was 290 with more than half being from Gracie's Alabama Brigade.

In May the Brigade was sent to Virginia to General Beauregard to oppose the Federal attempts on the outposts of Richmond. The Brigade spent much time marching and counter marching to meet threats near Richmond and around Drewry's Bluff. At Chester Station on May 10 1864 Grcaie's brigade was deployed from the James River to the Richmond Turnpike were it linked up with Barton's Brigade. It was not engaged in the fight which took place on this day except for skirmishing around Ware Bottom Church. It was hotly engaged at Drewry's Bluff May 16 1864, The brigade was deployed in the forward line of Ransom's Division with the 23rd Bn Alabama Sharpshooters on the left with the 41st Alabama,60th Alabama,59th Alabama and the 43rd Alabama linked up with Lewis's North Carolina Brigade. At 4:45am the command to advance was passed to General Gracie who was heard to command " Skirmishers forward march, second the battalion of direction; battalions forward; guide right, march!" Almost right away the brigade made contact with one company of the 9th New Jersey Infantry at the Willis House and after firing their weapons the federals left for their own lines. Fog provided cover up close to the Federal lines but heavy fire stalled the attack and the North Carolina Brigade on the right found the going no easier. In the fog the 41st Alabama got around the flank of the New Jersey troops which they managed to halt for a short time, Running short of ammunition and being attacked on three sides the federals troops began to fall back with the Alabamaians pressing hard behind them. Unaware of the success of the 41st Alabama, General Gracie only knew that he had taken heavy Casualties and went for reinforcements which come in the form of Terry's Virginia Brigade which moved through the Brigade and ran into the same heavy fire that had stopped Gracie's Brigade.It was at this time that Beaurgard halted Ransom and action shifted to the Confederate right.After Drewry's Bluff the brigade was continually in the trenches at Petersburg till the end, and while fighting gallantly at Appomattox  the 43rd with other portions of the brigade had just driven back a line of the enemy and taken a battrey when the capitulation of the army was announced. It surrendered as part of Moody's Brigade, Colonel Stansel Pickens commanding, Bushrod Johnsons Division, Gordon's Corps Of the 1123 names on the Muster rolls of this regiment only 50 were left atAppomattox.

*This is not complete and more will be added as I sort through the information I have. I am using the O.R., Compendium of the Confederate Armies(Alabama),Tennesse in the Civil War, Brewers Regimental Histories, Confederate Military History Vol. 7, Record Group 109 from the National Archives, Autumn of Glory by Connelly, This Terrible Sound by Cozzens, Back Door to Richmond by Robertson, Sixtieth Alabama Regiment By Shaver, Chickamauga by Tucker, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War Vol III, and hope to get letters written by menbers of the Regiment soon.
The battle flag of the Regiment is in the Civil war period flag collection at the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. The flag is catalog#86.1882.1. It is 47"X53", 13 star, bordered in white, The bars are trimmed in white(St. Andrews cross), It is made of cotton and bunting material. This flag was returned to the Alabama State Archives by the estate of General Joshua Chamberlain along with the flag of the 5th Battatlion Alabama Infantry. It was not marked as the 43rd's flag but General Chamberlain's units fought with the 60th and 43rd Alabama Infantries capturing both flags, Only the flag of the 60th was turned over to the War Dept. There is a very good chance that the flag in the archives does belong to the 43rd. I am attemting to ID the flag to be sure and so far have had alot of help, But no luck with a positive ID.I have possible location on the drum for the 43rd in a museum in Mississippi and will post more as I get it.
*In a report from Maj.Gen. A.A. Humprhreys of Headquarters Second Army Corps of March 25,1865 it stated that they had been attacked but had repulsed the enemy and captured the flags of the Forty-third Alabama and the Sixtieth Alabama.

The below letters are from the Birmingham Public Library, Emory University, Chickamauga Battlefield Park. I will add these credits to each letter that they belong to when I get all the letters added to the page.

...the whole region abounds in bacon, corn wheat hogs sheep, and the finest cattle & horses you ever looked at. ...The citizens too partake very much the nature and character of the country they live in they are a plain, open hearted, unassuming, fat, hearty, wellfed people even in very moderate circumstances live in better style than our rich people, good houses & comfortable fixtures, all of which they enjoy without ostentation. ...I assure you I have seen ups & downs since I wrote you. I have felt the fatigues, hungers & thirsts incident to forced marches. I have eat bread without beef & beef without bread & some meals have been passed withouteither. We have become familiar with green corn & parched corn, & sometimes we have plenty of bread & meat and no cooking utensils.... I have suffered more from a want of change in raiment than anything else, it has been three weeks yesterday since we left Lexington. We reached here day before yesterday and during that time I changed clothes but once, about two weeks ago.... Our evacuation of Kentucky is as mysterious yet as it was insxpected to us at the time. No one seems to understand it not even Gen'l E.K. Smith, as I learn from good authority that preparations were made for the retreat before Gen'l Smith had been advised that such were Gen'l Bragg's intention...

I have since Sunday last been at this station detached from my command, for the purpose of arming and equipping men arriving here from a distance beloging to Prestons Div and then forwarding them in detachments to thier commands, now in line of battle upon Chattanooga...I fear the hour has passed when Chattanooga should have been attacked. The enemy are said to have been frightfully demoralized when we forced them back upon this stronghold, and the impression is very prevalent that we could, by pushing forward our victorious columns on Monday after the battle, have forced Rosecrans across the river & captured many of his army. We were not then however as fully apprised of the character of the enemys route as we are now, as Sundays fight did not close until night drew the curtain of darkness over the bloody field, which enabled the enemy to withdraw in security. gens polk and Hindman are under arrest. I do not certainly know the cause though it is said that the first named was ordered by Gen Bragg to open the fight at day break on sunday this he did not commence until about 10 oclock am. Of one thing you may rest assured if the victory was not complete it is not the fault of our brave soldiers who fought with determination and fortitude which to be appreciated must have been witnessed and another thing i know, that when we came up in front of Chattanooga I saw no one who seemed to be anxious to storm the place, orwho seemed to think it prudent to do so, but now censure will be lavished unsparingly somewhere...

The Battle of Chickamauga has decided nothing except in so far as it has given renewed evidence of the superior valor and soldiering qualities of our troops, and in so far as it has foiled the plans of our vast campaign of invasion, Our losses in killed and wounded i fear are quite as heavy as that of the enemy, we of course were gainers in prisoners and captuerd stores and guns. Unfortunately for our army the officers and men have not the unbounded confidence in Gen Bragg which is so necessary to arouseenthusiasm. I understand that while the President was here many of the Gens including Lieutenant General Hill & Maj Genl Buckner(now a corps commander) signed a written request to His Excellency asking him to relieve this army of Gen Bragg I do not think however the President as yet has done so I hardly know who would be more capable to discharge such responsible duties than bragg, though he is clearly not the man for the place I question whether Longstreet has the genuis I think it almost certain that neitherHill nor Buckner have Gen Joe Johnston seems not to enjoy the Presidents full confidence, and gen Beaurgard you know hardly sustained the reputation of a great field officer at either Shiloh or Manassas. The truth is if we have any Great leader beside Gen Lee, we don't know who he is.... I mention this unfortunate condition of our army as matter of history and that you may not expect too much of it....

I witnessed a sight yesterday such as i hope i may never witness again as long as i live, It was a man shot to death before our brigade, he once belonged to our regiment Co. A, he deserted our army last summer & our cavalry captuerd him a short time ago in the yankee army, he was taken up & Court-marshaled & sentensed to be shot, The sentence was executed yesterday at the hour of three oclock, the poor fellow met his death cheerful, though he appered to be cut down very much

Hdqrs.Forty-third Alabama Regiment Vols.
Septmber 26, 1863
Sir: I have the honor to report that on the morning ofthe 19th, instant my regiment, being the extreme left of Gracie's brigade, was drawn up in line of battle near Lee and Gordon's Mill, my left reating on the Chickamauga River. In this position we remained till about 2 o'clock in the afternoon exposed to the shells of the enemy from a battery at Lee and Gordon's Mill, from which, however, we sustained no loss. We the moved by the right flank several hundred yards to a point on the top of a slight elevation, where we were left with the Third Battalion, Alabama Legion, to support Jeffress' and Baxter's batteries. We remained at this point till the morning of the 20th, exposed during the evening of the 19th to the enemy's shells, but suffering no loss.
On the morning of the 20th, being relieved by Kelly's brigade, we moved a little to the right and front, and formed line of battle with the balance of the brigade in the woods near Dyer's house, my left resting on an old field. we remained here till 3 p.m. We then moved forward in line of battle about half a mile: then by the right flank across the fields and woods and along the Chattanooga road, forming across this road and behind Hood's division. In this position we remained about an hour, being again exposed to the shells of the enemy and having 1 man slightly wounded. We then moved by the left flank about a quarter of a mile into an open field; then forward across this field and formed line in the edge of the woods in front of the enemy, who were strongly posted on a range of wooded hills behind temporary breastworks. We then moved forward to attack the enemy, when my regiment overlapping the brigade on our left, I was ordered to halt and await further orders. Remaining here but a few moments, I was ordered to move by the right flank a short distance, then moved forward and took place in line between the Sixty-third Tennessee Regiment, on my right, and the Second Battalion, Alabama Legion, on my left. We then moved forward and engaged the enemy under a heavy fire of artillery and small-arms.
Almost in the very beginning of the engagement my Lieutenant-Colonel(Jolly) and six company commanders(including every company commander on the right wing of my reiment) were killed, or so severly as to be compelled to quit the field.
I regret to state that Captain Gordon, company C, and Lieutenant Watkins, company B, wre killed, and Captain Prince, Company A, mortally wounded. They were amoung the best officers of the regiment, and fell encouraging thier men and gallantly cheering forward.
   About this time the regiment on my right fell back, causing some confusion for the time on my right. I succeeded, however, with the assistance of Brigadier-General Gracie, in rallying my men under the enemy's fire, and we again moved forward , changing front forward on the tenth company and charging up to the enemy's works on the hill, and with the Second Battalion, Alabama Legion, succeeded in holding the works, although exposed to a heavy fire of grape and shell and an enfilading fire of small-arms, till, from want of ammunition, and my guns from frequent firings becoming unfit for use, we fell back to a point in the woods near which we first formed for attack.
I would state that my acting adjutant, Lieut. John R. Shelton, of Company C, afforded me valuable assistance, being always at his post, and attending to the duties of his position. For his efficiency and coolness an action, and believeing him to be the best officer in his compnay, I ask for his promotion from the second lieutenancy to the captaincy of his company(C), made vacant by the death of Captain Gordon.
I am also under obligations to my assistant surgeon(Baldwin), who followed up our movements closely, and under the heaviest fire of the enemy gave prompt attention to the wounded.
Captains Mims, Shepherd, and Dubose, and Lieutenant Watters, commanding Company E, were with me during the entire action, and proved themselves most efficient officers.
I would mention the following enlisted men: Privates W.C. Harris, of Company A; Sergt. William T. Cooke, of Company B, and Sergt. John B. Lanford, of Company C, who frequently came under my notice, and who were always amoung the foremost men in the regiment, and discharging thier duties with unflinching gallantry.
There are vacancies in the junier second lieutenancies in these companies, and I apply for thier promotions to fill them. Privates Pepenhorst, of Company A; McCay, of Company I; Satterwhite, of Company G; Sergeant Maxey, of Company F; Sergeant Bruce and Private J.T. Elliott, of Company E, and Sergeant Stephenson and Private Hill, of Company B, also deserve notice, having done all that could be expected of the very best soldiers. When the opporttunity shall offer I shall apply for their promotion. I have no doubt. there are many others who deserve mention, but who escaped my notice during the heat of the battle.
My loss was: Officers, Killed,3; Wounded, 7; Enlisted men Killed, 13; Wounded, 76.
I think it but just to state that Mr. George C. Jones, who was acting in an independent capacity on the staff of General Gracie, his horse being shot under him, seized a gun and fought gallantly with my regiment till he was twice wounded.
Respectfully submitted.
                                                                   Y.M. Moody
                                                         Colonel, Comdg. Forty-third Alabama Regiment
Capt. H.E. Jones,
Assistant Adjutant-General

Part of the report of Lieutenant C. Hall Adjutant Second Battalion, Hilliard's Alabama Legion
The enemy fiercely opposed our entrance. The effort was useless- the works were carried, the enemy driven before us in confusion. Re-enforced, they again fiercely assaulted us. On the left we were unsupported, except by a small portion of Company A, First battalion, Alabama Legion. On the right at this juncture Brigadier-General Gracie and Colonel Moody led up a part of the Forty-third Alabama. Togather we resisted the enemy and still held the position. The hill was finally abandoned, but not until every cartridge was expanded, when we retired to the opposite crest and reformed.

Kentucky Campaign
Chickamauga  Sept.19-20, 1863
Chattanooga Siege  Sept-Nov 1863
Knoxville Siege  Nov. 1863
Bean's Station Dec.14, 1863
Chester Station  May 10, 1864
Drewry's Bluff May 16, 1864
Petersburg Siege Jun-April 1865
The Crater July 30, 1864
Appomattox Court House April 9, 1865


General Archibald Gracie, First commander of the 43rd Alabama

General Archibald Gracie

LT. Harvey Ellis Jones

Pvt Isaac Andrew Smith, I Co.

Gracie's Salient, Petersburg Virginia

Petersburg Va. Trenches

Petersburg Va. Trenches

Petersburg Va. Trenches

Petersburg Va. Trenches

Petersburg Va. Trenches

Petersburg Va. Trenches

Petersburg Va. Trenches


Aco-Marengo County,
Bco-Marengo County,
Cco-Greene County,
Dco-Tuscaloosa County,
Eco-Walker&Tuscaloosa Counties,
Fco-Jefferson County,
Gco-Marengo County,
Hco-Mobile&Bibb Counties,
Ico- Tuscaloosa&Walker Counties,
Kco-Tuscaloosa&Walker Counties,
This roster is a on going work and I will add names as fast as possible, I would like to thank Tim Steadman Of Fighting Joe Wheeler Camp 1372 SCV for his help in getting a complete roster. If any information is wrong or you have other Please contact me.Beside each company number is a small sample of company history which i will attempt to add more.


Colonel Archibald Gracie Jr.,Married,Present unhurt at Huntsville Tn. Aug 15,1862. thru Siege of Knoxville Tn. Wounded Beans Station Tn. Dec 14,1863 Present unhurt from HalfWay House May 10,1864 until killed in the trenches of Petersburg Va. by a shell on Dec 2,1864.

Major Thomas M. Barbour,Resigned November 2, 1864

Capt./Major Robert D. Hart,Promoted from B company.Resigned July 1864

LtColonel John J. Jolly, WIA at Chickamauga

Major William J. Mims,

LtColonel Young M Moody,Promoted Colonel

Surgeon M.A. Jolly, From H Co

Surgeon W.T. Abraham,From H Co, Retired March 11, 1864

Asst. Surgeon J.L Abraham, From B co.

Surgeon James B. Luckie, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Asst.Surgeon J.J.A. Smith, From F co

Chap. N.G. Phillips,

Chap.John J. Westbrook, Resigned February 5, 1864

A.C.S. Charles A. Lathrop, Resigned May 2, 18_

Asst.QM A.O. Houston, Transferred Sep. 20 1864

Adj. R.H. Henley, Resigned Feb. 4, 1863

Adj. John L. Stephens,

Ens.L. Hall,

Sgt. Maj. George C. Battle,

ORD. Sgt. Theophilas G. Fowler,

QMSgt. James G. Kelley, Paroled At Appomattox C.H.

Mosses Hill, Drummer, Paroled At Appomattox C.H.

Mus. William C. Doyle,

CommissarySgt. H.J. Marsh, Paroled At Appomattox C.H.

Mustered in to service March 11,1862. Stationed at Fort Morgan Mar. 11-Apr. 30,1862.

Capt. James R. Jones, Resigned Aug. 5,1862

Capt. Oliver H. Prince, Killed Sep. 21, 1863 Chickamauga

Capt. George F. Glover, Resigned Feb. 18, 1864

2nd Lt.R.H. Henley, Appointed Adj.

Capt. Quintin S. Adams,Enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring Hill Ala, age 23, single, clerk, Appt 4th Corp Apr 1862, Absent sick Huntsville Tn Aug 15,1862,appt 2nd SGT Sep 1862, Commision 2LT Jan 1,1863, Detailed at Chickamauga Ga. Sep 20,1863,Detailed QM for regiment Sep/Oct 1863,detailed to impress supplies in East Tn Nov/Dec 1863, Present Knoxville Tn Nov 29,1863, detaled at beans Station Tn dec 14,1863,Promoted Capt Feb 18,1864, Present Half Way House, Gooche's Farm, Wounded Drewry's Bluff Jun 16,1864,

Pvt./Capt. Winfield Woolf Jr.,

1LT BENJAMIN F. BEVERLY, Born in North Carolina, enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring Hill Ala. age 37, single, carpenter, present Huntsville Tn Aug 15,1862, Chickamauga Ga. Sep 20,1863, Knoxville Tn. Nov 29,1863, Beans Station Dec 15,1863, absent furlough from Half Way House May 10,1864 thru Drewry's Bluff Va. May 16,1864. Present Petersburg Va. Jun 17-18,1864 thru siege. Appt Cpl Sep,1862. elected BVT Lt July 1863, promoted 1lt Feb 1864.

2nd Lt. Albert A. Breton, enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring Hill Ala. 4th SGT, age 20, single, tinner, Present Huntsville Tn. Aug 15,1862, Chickamauga Ga. sep 20,1863, Knoxville Tn. Nov 29,1863 and siege, Beans Station Tn. Dec 14,1863, Half Way House Va. May 10,1864, Severly wounded Gooche's Farm Va. May 12,1864, absent wounded from Drewry's Bluff Va. May 16,1864 to Petersburg Va. July 18,1864. Absent detail at petersburg during siege. Elected to 2LT by election Feb 8,1864

2nd Lt. JOHN H. HOWARD, Killed  morning of July 11, 1864 by Enemy sharpshooters.

2nd Lt. James B. Peques,

2nd Lt. William C. Harris, Returned to ranks

1Sgt THOMAS A. BEVERLY, Born North Carolina, enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring Hill Ala. age 40, merchant, Died near Bridgeport Ala. Aug 7,1862

Pvt/1Sgt Eugene McCaa,

2ndSgt Peter E. Kervin,

SGT. WILLIAM C. PEARSON, Killed on July 15, 1864 by enemy Sharpshooters.

Sgt. H.E. Patterson,

Sgt. Thomas A. Patterson,

Sgt. Williamson Glass,

Sgt. G.W. Mayo,

3rdSgt.Carter Riggens, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt/1stCpl. WIlliam L. Walston, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

3rdCpl. Christopher S. Curtis, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

4thCpl. Jacob Michael, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl. Frank G. Lyon,

Cpl. James L. Moore/James L. Morris,

Cpl. W.L. Watson,

PVT. BURWELL G. ABERNITHEY,Enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring Hill Ala, age 19, teacher, single, Absent sick Huntsville Tn. Aug 15,1862, Absent furlough from Chickamauga sep 20,1863-Petersburg Va. Jun 18,1864, Absent detailed Petersburg Va. during siege.
Pvt/Cpl Richard P. Allen,

Pvt. Solomon Axom,

Pvt. James W. Barber/Barbour,

Pvt. Napoleon Bates,

PVT. JESSE R. BEVERLY, Born North Carolina, enlisted Apr 18,1862 Spring Hill Ala. age 35, carpenter, absent sick at huntsville Tn Aug 15,1862. Discharge Jan 1,1863.

PVT. THOMAS A. BLUNT/T.H. Blunt, enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring Hill Ala. age 26, single, planter, Present-Huntsville Tn Aug 15,1862,absent detailed at Chickamauga Ga. Sep 20,1863, Present Knoxville Tn. Nov 29,1863 and siege, Beans Station Tn. Dec 14,1863, Half Way House Va. May 10,1864, Gooches Farm Va. May 12,1864, Drewry's Bluff Va. May 16,1864, Petersburg Va. Jun 17-18,1864, Petersburg Va. siege.

Pvt. James W. Bowler/J.W. Boler, enlisted Mar 11,1862, Spring Hill Ala. age 21, married, farmer, Present Huntsville Tn Aug 15,1862, Chickamauga Ga. Sep 20,1863, Knoxville Tn. Nov 29,1863 and siege, Beans Station Tn. Dec 14,1863, Half Way House Va. May 10,1864, Gooches Farm May 12,1864, Severly wounded Drewry's Bluff May 16,1864, absent wounded from Jun 17,1864 to Petersburg Siege.

Pvt. James B. Bradley, enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring Hill Ala, age 20, single, student, died Aug 10,1862 Chattanooga Tn.

Pvt. William J. Braswell, Born Tn. enlisted Nov 2,1862 Demopolis Ala. age 27, married, Farmer, appt CPL July 1863, Severly wounded Chickamauga Ga. sep 20,1863, absent wounded from Knoxville Tn. Nov 29,1863 to Half Way House Va. May 10,1864, absent from Gooche's Farm May 12,1864 to Petersburg siege, Reduced to rannks at own request.

Pvt. Charles K. Breitling/C.K. Britlene, enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring Hill Ala. age 20, single, Presenmt Huntsville Tn. Aug 15,1862, absent detailed from Chickamauga Ga. sep 20,1863 to Beans Station Tn. Dec 14,1864, Present Half Way House May 10,1864, Gooches Farm May 12,1864, Drewry's Bluff Va. May 16,1864, Petersburg Va. Jun 17-18,1864, Petersburg Va. Siege

Pvt. Lewis C. Breton/Lewis C. Britten, enlisted Mar 11,1862 Spring hill Ala. age 21, single, saddler, severly wounded at huntsville Tn. Aug 15,1862, Discharge July 1,1863, re-enlisted July 7,1864 Demopolis Ala. Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. J.R. Bunly,

Pvt. Wesley J. Burdin,

Pvt. J.J. Burns,

Pvt. John M. Canterberry,

Pvt. Edward B. Cherry,

Pvt. D.C. Croushon,

Pvt./Mus. James P. Dunning,

Pvt. Oswell Eddins/O. Iddine,

Pvt. William R. Ethridge,

Pvt. J. Gibson,

Pvt. William G. Gibson/W. Giles Gibson,

Pvt. James H. Glass,

Pvt. Alfred Y. Glover/A.Y. Glover,

Pvt. Thomas A. Glover, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Joseph Grantham, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Solomon Grantham,

Pvt. Oliver G. Greyson,

Pvt. Frank G. Griffin,

Pvt. Ivey T. Griffin/J.T.Griffin,

Pvt. Ismael S. Harwell,

Pvt. Lorenzo Hildebrand/H.Hildenbrand,

Pvt. William B. Holland, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Alexander Horn,

Pvt. Algernon E. House,

Pvt. Samuel H. Hubbard,

Pvt. Rosure Hudson,

Pvt. James H. Johnson,

Pvt. A.M. Jones,

Pvt. J. Jones,

Pvt. Jesse R. Jones,

Pvt. George W. Keese, Transfer from E comany

Pvt. Willis P. King,

Pvt. Willaim Kirker,

Pvt. John N. Kirkham,

Pvt. James Kolen,

Pvt. William C. Lee, Transfer from C company

Pvt. Burke J. Lewis, Mortally wounded Chickamauga Ga.

Pvt. Hampden S. Lipscomb,

Pvt. William Lipscomb, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John T. Lomax,

Pvt. Thomas B. Lynes,

Pvt. Eugene Mahoney,

Pvt. H.A. Mainer, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Frank Mangon,

Pvt. John Mangon,

Pvt.John H. Martin/A.H. Martin,

Pvt. Theophilus R.G. Martin, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John R. Mason,

Pvt. John T. Mason,

Pvt. Hugh T. Matthews/Hugh Mathews,

Pvt. Ivey H. McClure,

Pvt. J.W. McClure,

Pvt. Jesse B. McClure,

Pvt. A.E. McCormic,

Pvt. Thomas E. McCormick,

Pvt. Reese B. McElhaney/R. McElhaney,

Pvt. George McGive,

Pvt. John H. McKinley,

Pvt. John Mixon,

Pvt. Henry A. Monnier,

Sgt/Pvt. Thomas E. Morgan,

Pvt. C.A. Newman,

Pvt. Angus C. Nicholson,

Pvt. J. Nixon,

Pvt. Richard J. Painter/R.J. Panter,

Pvt. Archibald Pattison/A.T. Patterson,

Pvt. Thomas J. Pearson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Henry H. Peppenhorst/H.H. Pepperhorse,

Pvt. Thomas Pope,

Pvt. Lewis Posey,

Pvt. Rila A. Roberds/Riley A. Roberds,

Pvt. James W.W. Robinson,

Pvt. Jesse C. Rogers/J.C. Rodgers,

Pvt. Jonah C. Rogers,

Pvt. JamesRolen/James Roland,

Pvt. A.L. Rudisil/A.L. Rudisell,

Pvt/Mus. Edwin Sangrouber,

Pvt. Timothy Sherman,

Pvt. E.D. Skinner,

Pvt. Thomas H. Skinner,

Cpl/Pvt. Oliver P. Slater/D.P. Slater,

Pvt. James R. Smith,

Pvt. S.D. Smith,

Pvt. William J. Stafford,

Cpl/Pvt. Thomas G. Steed/G. Steed,

Pvt. H. Sterner,

Pvt. James A. Styron,

Pvt. Charles Swemley/Charles Schwimbly/Charles Swimley, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. William R.P. Tally/W.R.P. Tally,

Pvt. J.H. Taylor, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. John L. Taylor,

Pvt. Joel H. Thompson,

Pvt. Robert P. Thurman, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Henry L. Tucker,

Pvt. James A. Tucker,

Pvt. Matthew M. Tucker,

Pvt. Solomon P. Tucker,

Pvt. Absalom Turner,

Pvt. Charles A. Turner, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. William F. Turner,

Pvt. John M. Ulmer,

Pvt. Giles N. Vaughan,

Pvt. George W. Vick,

Pvt. William H. Vick,Transfer from B company

Pvt. Abram Walker, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Thomas Walston,

Pvt. Egbert Westbrook,

Pvt. Chaplain John Ivey Westbrook,

Pvt. Thomas E. Whyte,

Pvt. Lyon Williams, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John P. Williams, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Charles W. Williams, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Mus. Nathan Williams,

Mus. Pvt. Sion Williams, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Mus. W. Williams,

Pvt. Caleb B. Williamson,

Pvt. John P. Williamson,

Pvt. Winfield Woolf Sr.,

Pvt. Jacob Worl,

Pvt. John F. Wright,

Pvt. T.R.G. Martin, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John F Wright,  Nov.12,1862 Dalton Confederate Cem. Ga.

Sgt. Thomas A. Beverly, Aug.7,1862 Bridgeport, Ala

Pvt. Jonah C. Rogers, Aug.5,1862  Bridgeport Ala

Pvt. William G. Gibson, Aug.19,1864  Section 32 Crown Hill Cem. Indianapolis Ind. from Camp Morton Prison

Pvt William Ethridge, Roll of Honor for Battle of Chickamauga, KIA Chickamauga

Pvt. A. Caslteberry, Marietta Confederate Cem.Ga.

Pvt. H.L. Tucker, Lexington Confederate Cem, Lexington Ky

Pvt. Solomon Grantham, Killed June 30, 1864  in the breastworks by the enemy trying to force our lines.

Stationed at Chattanooga, Tn. May-June 1862. April 18. 1862 this company was ordered to Fort Morgan, Al. July 1, 1862 ordered with the regiment to Chattanooga Tn.

Capt. Robert D. Hart, Promoted to Maj.

1st.Lt. William M. Richardson, Resigned Nov. 10, 1862

2Lt./Capt. William W. Harder,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

1st.Lt. Samuel E. Chapman, Resigned Jun. 16, 1863

1st.Lt. James Woolf,

Sgt./2ndLt. John B. Edwards,Paroled at Appmottox C.H.

2ndLt. William H. Watkins, Killed Sep. 20, 1863 Chickamauga

2ndLt. George B. Northrup,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

1st Sgt. Madison V. Modawell, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Sgt. W.T. Cocke,

Pvt./Sgt. Doctor A. Perkins,

Pvt./Sgt. William A. Perkins,

Pvt./Sgt. Seaborn A. Driver,

Sgt. W.L. Finch,

Pvt./Sgt. James R. Hill,

Pvt./4thSgt. William B. Mainess, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl. Zachariah D. Agee,

Cpl. R.S.S. Braswell,

Cpl. Benjamin Cheney,

Pvt./Cpl. Richard W. Crabtree,

Pvt./Cpl. Frank D. Daughdrill,

Pvt./Cpl. Hayne H. Dickson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

2nd Cpl. William Rentz, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt./Cpl. Francis Thomason,

Pvt. Ashley N. Alvis,

Mus./Pvt. George W. Apperson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. James H. Ballard,

Pvt. William Ballard, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

PVT. LEE A. BARNES, enlisted Mar 18, 1862 Linden Ala, age 26, married, farmer, Present for duty Huntsville Tn Aug 15, 1862 thru Half Way House May 10, 1864, Transfered to E Co by exchange. Present Gooches Farm May 22,1864, Severly wounded at Drewry's Bluff May 16,1864, Absent wounded Petersburg, Va Jun 14,1864 and during siege, absent on furlough.

Pvt. F.M. Barton, Enlisted Elyton Ala. Jefferson Co. Captured Hatchers Run Mar. 25, 1865. Arrives City Point Va. Mar 28, 1865. Paroled Point Lookout Prison MD Jun 9, 1865

Pvt. James C. Bohonnon,

Pvt. Alfred A. Boothe,

Pvt. James M. Blaine,

Pvt. Dempsey A. Braswell,

Pvt. Leland R. Braswell,

Pvt. William B. Braswell,

Pvt. A Burrell,Transfer from G company

Pvt. John R. Cocke,

Pvt. P.A.H. Daft,

Pvt. John H. Daniel,

Pvt. Thaddius T. Daughdrill,

Mus. James B. Douglass,

Pvt. Roland A. Eidson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John A. Eskridge,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John F. Etheridge, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Andrew J. Ethridge,Transfer from E company.Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John A. Evans,

Pvt. Hardy Fluker,

Pvt. William Fluker, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John N. Glover,

Pvt. Bryan Grant,

Pvt. Thomas V. Gray,

Pvt. W. Gray,

Pvt. John F. Green,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Sgt./Pvt. Thomas D. Hall,

Pvt. S.N. Hamner,

Pvt. James Hardee,

Pvt. James M. Harris,

Pvt. John W. Harris, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. William Harriss/Harris,

Pvt. Benjamin F. Hasty,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. William H. Hawkins,

Pvt. William B. Henderson,

2 Bvt.Lt./Pvt. Robert H. Henley,Transfer from A company.Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. James P. Hill,

Pvt. Aaron Hinson,

Pvt. Elijah Hinson,

Pvt. Timothy Hollingsworth,

Pvt. John F. Howell, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John C. Jackson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John B. Kane,

Pvt. Rial L. Kane,

Pvt. Randal P. Kiker,

Pvt. Joseph L. Lawson,

Pvt. John A. Mainess,

Pvt. John W. Maness, KIA Sept 20, 1863 Chickamauga Ga.

Pvt. Enoch C. Martin,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. George W. Martin,

Pvt. John Mayton, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Mathew L. McCorkle/M.L. McCorcle,

Pvt. W.C. McGhee,

Pvt. Neal A. McMillan,

Pvt. Sylvester C. McMillan,

Pvt. William J. Milstead,

Pvt. William F. Mims,

Pvt. Jas. D. Monaghan,

Pvt. R.H. Monaghan,

Pvt. Nap. B. Moneghan,

Pvt. Willis P. Moore,

Pvt. W.H. Morring,

Pvt. James W. Parker,

Pvt. Richard H. Parker,

Pvt. Cicero E. Perkins,

Pvt. Henry A. Perkins,

Pvt. Nathan G. Phillips,

Pvt. J.C. Porter,

Pvt. John S. Porter,

Pvt. Nathan W. Phillips, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. G. Powell,

Pvt. John W. Powell,

Pvt. Cad W. Pritchett,

Pvt. Jackson Railey,

Pvt. Benjamin Rentz,

Pvt. George W. Rentz, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Jacob Rentz,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. William J. Roberson,

Pvt. John Robinson,

Pvt. Sherod T. Robinson,Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. Erasmus Sessions,

Pvt. Bela Simmons,

Pvt. Cornelius L. Simmons, KIA Sept 20, 1863 Chickamauga Ga.

Pvt. C.J. Simms,

Pvt. Charles G. Simms,

Pvt. Warren Simms,

Pvt. T.E. Skinner,

Pvt. Townsend L. Skinner,

Pvt. William H. Skipper,Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. Wiley Small,

Pvt. Joseph E. Smiley,

Pvt. Edward C. Spalding,

Pvt. David H. Stephenson,

Pvt. William H. Surgener,

Pvt. James M. Taylor, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Thomas J. Taylor,

Pvt. Thomas Threadgill,

Pvt. Thomas A. Threadgill,

Pvt. Thomas Henry Tucker, Born Sept 12, 1833,Married to Martha Lucinda Bostic of Washington co. Ala on 25 july 1861, enlisted 18 Mar 1862 Marengo Co Ala by Y.M. Moody. Present at Battles of Chickamauga, Beans Station, Half way House and wounded at Petersburg on 25 June 1864 and had his leg amputated. Died 28 June 1922 and is buried in the Catherine Cemetery in Wilcox Co. Ala. Information provided by Mrs Annesia Colburn Miller. (Pictures will be added soon)

Pvt. Ransom Varnell,

Pvt. Brax O. Watkins,

Pvt. Napoleon B. Watkins, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Andrew J. White,

Pvt. Stephen P. Wiggins,

Pvt. Emmitt Wilkerson,

Pvt. R.F. Wilkerson,

Pvt. J.D. Windham,

Pvt. Thomas C. Woodard,

Pvt. I. Gravettt, Oakland Cem. Confederate sec. Atlanta Ga.

Pvt. A.P. Kiker, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. J.W. Martin, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt John A. Maness, Roll of Honor Battle of Chickamauga

Pvt. A.M. Mcmillan, Wounded at Knoxville Tn. Nov. 29, 1863

Stationed at Chattanooga Tn. March 25-July 1, 1862. May 15 Company ordered from Fort Morgan to join the regiment at Mobile, Al. June 25, 1862 Ordered to Chattanooga Tn. June 28, 1862 arrived at Montgomery, Al. june 28, 1862 left Montgomery for Chattanooga Tn.

Capt. John J. Jolly, Promoted to Lt.Col.

Capt.J.A.P. Gordon, Marietta Confederate Cem.KIA Sep. 20, 1863 Chickamauga

Sgt./Adj. John L. Stephens,

1Sgt./1lt. W.C. Strait,

2ndLt. A.H.H. Spencer, Resigned Jun. 2, 1862

2nd Lt. S.C. Brown, resigned Nov. 15, 1862

Capt. Samuel W. Mcaliley,

2ndLt. John R. Shelton, Killed May 2, 1864

1stLt. William C. Strait,
Pvt./1stLt. John R. Shelton,

2ndLt. S.C. Brown,

2ndLt. R.E. Mobley,

Sgt./Bvt.2ndLt. John B. Lanford,

Sgt./3rdLt. R.E. Mobley,

Pvt./1stSgt. Newton Johnson,

Pvt./Cpl. Lawrence Williams,

Cpl./Sgt. D.H. Smith,

Pvt./Sgt. B.F. Snell,

2ndSgt. Samuel Y.C. Colvin, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

4thSgt. George W. Bibb, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl. F.M. Colvin,

Cpl. Mike P. Goodson,

Cpl. John A. McCrory,

Cpl. D.R. McGraw,

Cpl. John C. Powell,

Pvt./Cpl. W.N. Rogers,

Pvt./Cpl. James H. Sheppard, Transfer from E co.

2ndCpl. Lawrence Williams, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Jordan Barnes,

Pvt. Thomas B. Bibb,

Pvt. David E. Burton, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. W.B. Calhoun,

Pvt. J.C. Camathan, Jun 16, 1862 Mobile Ala.

Pvt. Hugh Cameron,

Pvt. John A. Cameron, Paroeld at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. M. Cameron,

Pvt. Newton Cameron,

Pvt. W.E. Cameron,

Pvt. James A. Carter, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. W.L. Childress,

Pvt. Thomas Cobb,

Pvt. B. Cockrill,

Pvt. R.C. Cockrill,

Pvt. Sanford Cockrill,

Pvt. John T. Colson,

Ed Colvin,

Pvt. J.N. Colvin,

Pvt. Samuel Y.C. Colvin, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Thomas Colvin,

Pvt. John A. Cox,

Pvt. John E. Crawford, Paroled at appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Ottoway R. Davis,

Pvt. John Deas, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Albert Delaino,

Pvt. John Dotson,

Pvt. J.H. Edwards,

Pvt. E.E. Estes,

Pvt. P.T. Fleet,

Pvt. J Free,

Pvt. J.M. Free,

Pvt. Thomas S. Free,

Pvt. James A. Freeman,

Pvt. J.W. Frie,

Pvt. Ed T. Fulghen, Paroled at appomattox C.H.

Pvt. J.W. Fulgham, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. J.W. Gosa,

Pvt.Edward Guiler,

Pvt. Wiley Hales,

Pvt. Wyatt Hales,

unk rank R.S. Harly,

Pvt. G.E. Hendrick,

Pvt. Hardy Hopkins, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Philip Jennings,

Pvt. L.E. Jones, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. W.H. Jones,

Pvt. James J. Lanford,

Pvt. John Lange,

Pvt. W.C. Lay,

Pvt. James H. Lee, Died Point Lookout Prison Md.

Pvt. Vincent L. Lee,

Pvt. G.P. Lewis,

Pvt. A.F. Lyles,

Pvt. Sid H. Mabry,

Pvt. J.S. Milner,

Pvt. C.C. Mobley,

Pvt. Jordan Norwood,

Pvt. Samual Norwood,

Pvt. John Pangue,

Pvt. George W. Parham,

Pvt. J.E. Pitman,

Pvt. Calvin C. Quarles,

Pvt. Joshua W. Quarles,

Pvt. H.C. Ragsdale,

Pvt. S. Richardson,

Pvt. C.B. Roberts, Jun 18, 1862 Mobile Ala.

Pvt. J.S. Robinson,

Pvt. A. Rogers,

Pvt. James W. Rogers,

Pvt. C.H. See,

Pvt. A.C. Smith,

Pvt. A.J. Smith,

Pvt. J.J.A. Smith,

Pvt. James A. Smith,

Pvt. S. Smith,

Sgt./Pvt. Charles A. Spencer,

Pvt. Charles B. Spencer,

Pvt. Ed C. Storey, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Enoch Stringfellow,

Pvt. Emmet D. Taylor,

Pvt. Samual Torwood, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Thomas W. Underwood, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. C.B. Upchurch, Knoxville Comfederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. J.P. Wait,

Pvt. Jackson Williams,

Pvt. Simeon Williams,

Pvt. A.E. Wilson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. James A. Woodell,

Pvt. J.A. Woody,

Pvt. Samuel Dorwood, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. T.W. Underwood, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. W.F. Wilson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

June 12, 1862 Left Fort Morgan, Al. for mobile arrived same day. June 25, 1862 left Mobile. June 30, 1862 Arrived Chattanooga Tn.

Capt. Thomas M. Barbour, Promoted to Maj.

Capt. James Mills, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

1stLt. Joseph G. Smith,

Bvt./1Lt. Samual Chapman,

2ndLt. John H. Strong, Resigned Nov. 14, 1862

2ndLt. M.L. Barbour,

2ndLt. Walter Hawkins, Retired Nov. 5, 1864

1Lt Thomas H. Rutledge, Oct.2,1864 Blandford Church Cem. Va.

1Sgt. W.L. Christian,

Cpl./1Sgt. James M. Johnson,

Sgt. Richard J. Barbour,

Sgt. W.D. Deason,

Sgt. J. Hawkins,

Sgt. W.C. Lloyd,

Sgt William C. Johnson, Roll of Honor Battle of Chickamauga

2nd Sgt. David A. Harkins, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

3rdSgt. John Mcdaniel, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

1stCpl. Austin J, Garrison, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

3rdCpl. George H. Hamner, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

4thCpl. Henry A. Partrich, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl. R.J. Mayfield,

Pvt. Samual C. Anderson,

Pvt. D.B. Andrews,

Pvt. J.P. Barbour,

Pvt. T.M. Barbour,

Pvt. G.W. Beck,

Pvt. Jesse W. Beck,

Pvt. Curtis Booth,

Pvt. Richard Booth, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John L. Boswell, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. James M. Broughton,

Pvt. Isaaha Brown,

Pvt. Jackson Brown,

Pvt. S.D. Brown,

Pvt. Berry Bunn,

Pvt. M.P. Burks,

Pvt. Edmon Burns,

Pvt. J.C. Burroughs,

Pvt. W.R. Cabiness,

Pvt. William Campbell,

Pvt. W.H. Clayton,

Pvt. A.A. Condry,

Pvt. T.M. Crawford,

Pvt. S.C. Crofford,

Pvt. James Crossland,

Pvt. J.D. Davies,

Pvt. Henry Doss,

Pvt. Perry Doss,

Pvt. Thomas B. Edwards, Transfer from B co.

Pvt. James T. Elmore,

Pvt. Fredrick T. Engleburt,

Pvt. William Falls,

Pvt. Francis A. Farley,

Pvt. Thomas F. Farley,

Mus./Pvt. G.W. Fleet,

Pvt. J.E. Glover,

Pvt. Richard F. Glover,

Pvt. Thomas Glover,

Pvt. W.H. Glover,

Pvt. H.H. Good,

Pvt. W.H. Guinn,

Pvt. T.J. Hall,

Pvt. Marion Hamner,

Pvt. R. Hamner,

Pvt. W.H.Hamner,

Pvt. J.M. Harden,

Pvt. E.J. Hyche,

Pvt. J.D. Ladd,

Pvt. J.M. Lindsy, Oakwood Cem. Chicago Ill. May 6, 1864

Pvt. B.H. Lloyd,

Pvt. John P. Lout,

Pvt. F.M. Mackey,

Pvt. S.P. Massey,

Pvt Obediah Mayfield,

Pvt. Michael McCrait,

Pvt. Daniel McGee,

Pvt. Sam McGee,

Pvt. Michael Mcgrath,

Pvt. Littleton Morgan,

Pvt. Mortain Morgan,

Pvt. L.C. Norman,

Cpl./Pvt. Charles P. Parker, Oakwood Cem. Chicago Ill. Nov 11, 1864

Pvt. Thomas Parson,Captured at Sailor's Creek on April 6 1865, Sent to Burkeville Va. then on to City Point va. and Point Lookout MD were he was paroled in Jun 1865. Walked home to Tuscaloosa Ala, Buried in Brighton Cem Ala near Bessemer.

Pvt. John Partrich, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Pvt. Turner Patrich,

Pvt. J.H. Patterson,

Pvt. Allen H. Perkins, Transfer from B co.

Pvt. W.H. Powell,

Pvt. J.E. Riggins,

Pvt. W.S. Robertson,

Pvt. William M. Robertson,

Pvt. Isiah Sanders,

Pvt. Robert Sanders,

Pvt. J.W. Savage,

Pvt. Randle Savage,

Pvt. Thomas Sexton,

Pvt. E.B. Shirly, Stonewall Confederate Cem. Griffen Ga.

Pvt. John W. Sikes,

Pvt. J.P. South,

Pvt. J.B. Springer,

Pvt.Jafus Springer,

Pvt. N.S. Springer,

Pvt. Norwood Springer,

Pvt. Rufus Springer,

Pvt. William Starrs,

Pvt. John Stiers,

Pvt. William R. Stiers, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. B. Strickland,

Pvt. J.R. Strickland,

Pvt. Albert Swindle,

Pvt. James Polk Taylor, Captured Hatchers Run Va. Mar 24, 1865 Paroled Pointlookout Md.

Pvt. T.G. Taylor,

Pvt. Thomas J. Taylor,

Pvt. D. Thompson,

Pvt. W.B. Thompson,

Pvt. J.H. Walton,

Pvt. G.B. Whatley,

Pvt. Christerfer Watson,

Pvt. Thomas Watson,

Pvt. W.W. Watts,

Pvt. James V. Wheat,

Pvt. James M. Wyatt,

April 1862 company ordered to Fort Morgan the later part of April, Where ther were engaged in drilling with artillery and in strengthening the fortifications. June 15, 1862 ordered to Mobile to join regiment.

Capt. Joel S. Jones, Resigned July 27, 1864

Capt. Allen G. Watters,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

2ndLt. Nathaniel W. Riddle, Killed Dec. 2, 1862

1stLt. Gordon Cunningham,

2Lt. Thomas W. Shields,

2ndLt. Thomas W. Shields,

1Sgt. Wylie M. Johnson,

SGT. JAMES S. BATY, enlisted Apr 5,1862 in Marengo Co. age 31, married, Planter, 3SGT promoted to 2SGT on Feb 7,1863. absent sick Huntsville Tn. Aug 15,1862 and Chickamuaga Ga. sep 10,1863. Present at Knoxville Tn. Nov 29,1863 thru Half Way house May 10,1864, wounded at Gooche's Farm May 12,1864. absent wounded Drewry's Bluff Jun 16,1864. wounded at Petersburg Va. Jun 19,1864, absent wounded Petersburg Va. Present during siege. Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl./Sgt. Robert H. Blakney,

Sgt. G.W. Collins,

Sgt. E. Elliot, Oak Hill Cem. Confederate sec. Newnan Ga.

Sgt. William C. Elliott,

Sgt. Franklin B. Jackson,

4thSgt. James A. Gregory, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl. Nathaniel B. Glover,

Cpl. John C. Goodwyn,

Cpl. Robert H. Hill,

2ndCpl. William B. Langford, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl. John W. Smith,

Cpl. William South,

Pvt. Josiah H. Allen, Transfer from I co. Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Andrew J. Bailey,

Pvt. Edward A. Ballow,

Pvt. Thomas W. Barley,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. William R. Barley,

Pvt. Lee A. Barnes,Transfer from B co.

Pvt. William S. Berry,

Pvt. James H. Blackwell,

Pvt. John W. Blue,

Pvt. Joseph Boozer,

Pvt. John Brackenridge,

Pvt. Robert W. Brackenridge,

Pvt. Benjamin F. Bridges,

Cpl./Pvt. Newton Bruce, Roll of Honor for Battle of Chickamauga

Pvt. E. Bruce,

Pvt. J.B. Bruce, Stonewall Confederate Cem. Griffen Ga.

Pvt. Fredrick B. Bryan,

Pvt. G.W. Burke,

Pvt. William Bush,

Pvt. Daniel W. Buxton,

Pvt. Allen Byrd, Oakland Cem. Confederate sec. Atlanta Ga.

Pvt. Joseph R. Byrd,

Pvt. John Cabanass,

Pvt. Wylie P. Cade,

Pvt. Edwin Cater,

Pvt. Baily W. Chandler,

Pvt. Joseph M. Chandler,

Pvt. W.A. Chandler, Transfer from D co.

Pvt. Willis H. Cotton,

Pvt. James B. Davis,

Pvt. John T. Davis,

Pvt. John T. Elliott,

Pvt. Fredrick T. Ernst, Paroled at Point Lookout MD prison Jun 11, 1865

Pvt. Edmund Ethridge,

Pvt. James Fonville/Fanville,

Pvt. John C. Ford,

Pvt. Alfred Fritts/Fritz,

Pvt. William Garrette, Transfer from K co.

Pvt. Francis M. Gibson,

Pvt. John Hasty,

Pvt. C.A. Heard, Konxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. Patrick Henessey,

Pvt. W.A. Hennessey,

Pvt./Adj. QM. Adlie O. Houston,

Pvt. William J. Hudson,

Pvt. W.L. Irving,

Pvt. James A. Irwin,

Pvt. Young H. Jack,

Pvt. William R. Jackson,

Pvt. H.G. James,

Pvt. Irwin W. Johnson,

Pvt. Thomas H. Johnson, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. Wade H. Johnson,Nov 15, 1862 Selma Ala

Pvt./Asst Adj Gen Harvey Ellis Jones, Served in company E from jun 1862 til Aug 1862, transfer to Gracie's staff as asst. Adj. Gen. for the rest of the war. Wounded in and amputated right leg at the Battle of White Oak Road on March 31 1865. Active in Alabama politics and commander of the Alabama Division of the UCV. Died on Sept 16 1920 and buried in Magnolia Cem. Mobile Ala.

Pvt. William G. Jones,

Pvt. John J. Knight,Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. W.E. Laughpener,

Pvt. Jesse Little,

Pvt. M.A. Martin,

Pvt. H.N. Mastin,

Pvt. John J. McMillan,

Pvt. John T. Mitcherson, Transfer from A co.

Pvt. James A. Moore,

Pvt. William B. Moore,

Pvt. John. C. Morrison, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. William T. Nichols,

Pvt. Robert J. Parten,

Pvt. William M. Pence,Aug 7, 1862 Dalton Confederate Cem. Ga.

Pvt. Wiliam T. Rabia, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. J.J. Rambeis,

Pvt. Benjamin H. Ray,

Pvt. G.W. Reede,Transfer from A co.

Pvt. David Robertson,

Pvt. Samuel D. Robertson,

Pvt. Jonah M. Rogers,

Pvt. Joseph A. Rogers, Buried in the Strawberry Plains Cem. Cause of death unk.

Pvt. William T. Roswell,

Pvt. B.W. Rutledge,

Pvt. E.H. Ryan,

Pvt. Henderson Shoafe,

Pvt. Jonah Singleton,

Pvt. Alexander R. Smith,

Pvt. Robert D. Smith, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. William J. Smith,

Pvt. Michael Solley,

Pvt. Joseph B. Stanton,

Pvt. Robert C. Stewart,

Pvt. Charles N. Sully,

Pvt. Alexander H. Tice,

Pvt. James S.N. Whatley,

Pvt. Jarvis G. Whearly,

Pvt. Josiah Wilkerson,

Pvt. Absolam J. Williams,

Pvt. C. Williams,

Pvt. Richard M. Williams,

Pvt. J.G. Worley,

Pvt. James L. Wright,

Pvt. J.J. Young,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. William M. Young,

Stationed at Chattanooga, Tn. April 20-june 30, 1862.

Capt. Ernest H. Buck, Retired Oct. 31, 1864

Sgt./Capt. David Hughes,

1stLt. George P. Savage, Killed July 30, 1864 The Crater

2ndLt. Charles A. Lathrop, A.C.S.

2ndLt. L.D. Ramey, Resigned May 3, 1864

Capt. David Hughes, Killed Dec. 2, 1864

Capt. Winfield Woolf,

1stLt. John H. Snyder,

Com. Sgt. Henry J. Marsh,

Sgt. William J. Calhoun,

Sgt. Josephus F. Cornelius,

Sgt. E.N. Maxey, Roll of Honor for Battle of Chickamauga

Sgt. R.J. Owen, Marietta Confederate Cem. Ga.

Sgt. Emery Sandiford,

Cpl. Moody George,

Cpl. William Robertson,

Cpl. John Skinner,

Pvt. E.L. Adkins,

Pvt. Henry Barrow,

PVT. LEVI BARTLETT, enlisted Apr 20,1862 Camp ledbetter Tn. Overseer, Wilcox Co. Ala died, no date or reason given.

Pvt. Benjamin F. Berryhill,

Pvt. M. Blackwell,

Pvt. John Boyd,

Pvt. James B. Bradley,Transfer from A co.

Pvt. Moses Burch,

Pvt. Isaac Cantline,

Pvt. Charles J. Carron,Knoxville Confederate cem. Tn.

Pvt. W.W. Childs,

Pvt. James Cole,

Pvt. W.J. Crawly,Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. A. Cunningham,

Pvt. R. Cunningham,

Pvt. David Davidson, Oakwood Cem. Chicago Ill.

Pvt. Jesse J. Daley, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. George Eddy,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Joseph Emanuell, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John W. Farnell,

Pvt. James Fortner,

Pvt. G.C. Gregory,

Pvt. N.M. Hagull,

Pvt. Benjamin Hammond,

Pvt. W.S. Hathcock,

Pvt. Francis Henry,

Pvt. Duncan Jackson,

Pvt. J.W. Jackson,

Pvt. F. James,

Pvt. W.T. King,

Pvt. David Kirkpatrick,

Pvt. W.R. Kirkpatrick,

Pvt. James Langford,

Pvt. Joel T. Lee,

Pvt. John C. Lee,

Pvt. William B. Lee,

Pvt. Henry Mallory,

Pvt. Joseph Mannal,

Pvt. John McArthur,

Pvt. A.J. McLachlin,

Pvt. D.S. Monagham,

Pvt. Thomas Moose,

Pvt. Jack Morris,

Cpl./Pvt. Dexter Morse,

Pvt. Peter Murphy,

Pvt. Patrick Nolen,

Pvt. W.L. Owen,

Pvt. W.B. Owens,

Pvt. S.S.B. Patrick,

Pvt. Michael Perry,

Pvt. John Pierre,

Pvt. William Pollard, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. J.T. Porter,

Pvt. James F. Porter,

1Sgt./Pvt. Hastings Puckett,

Pvt. W.B. Rawls,

Pvt. G. Reinach,

Pvt. George W. Richards, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Ike Riley,

Pvt. A.J. Rives,

Pvt. Burwell J. Robertson,

Pvt. John S. Seyton,

Pvt. R. Shirey,

Pvt. Ephraim Shirey, Jun 27, 1862 Mobile Ala.

Pvt. Martin Shirey,

Pvt. Reubin Shirey,

Pvt. F.M. Smith,

Pvt. William Spiva,

Pvt. E.G. Talbert,

Pvt. Stephen Taylor, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. J.W. Thomas,

Pvt. John H. Thornton,

Pvt. Elisha Vickery,

Pvt. S.M. Weller,

Pvt. Samuel N. Welch,

Pvt. William Wilkerson,

Pvt. J.D. Williams,

Pvt. Thomas Willson,

Pvt. W.P. Kinzie?, Oakland Cem. Confederate sec. Atlanta Ga.

May 19, 1862 left Elyton, Al. under orders to report to Camp Forney, Mobile. Marched 30 miles to Montevallo. May 21, 1862 went from Montevallo to Selma, fifty-six miles by rail. On same day embarked at Selma on board steamer Saint Charles bound for the city of Mobile. May 25, 1862 reported to Camp Forney to Lt.Col. Y.M.Moody commanding the Forty-third Regiment, Alabama Volunteers. May 26-June 24, 1862 remained in camp. June 25, 1862 Left under marching orders for Chattanooga, Tn. via Pollard on Montgomery & Pensacola railroadvia montgomery,Atlanta,Daltona distance of 490 miles. June 30, 1862 accomplished journey, number of miles traveled since leaving Elyton is about 730 miles with out any casualty.

Capt. William J. Mims, Promoted to Maj.

1stLt. J.R. Thomas, Resigned July 21, 1863

1stLt. Thomas H. Rutledge, Died Oct. 1, 1864

2ndLt. Andrew M. Lovelace, Resigned August 1, 1862

Capt. M.H. Jordan,

1stLt. Jonathan Montgomery,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Lt. W.M. Mitchell,

1Sgt. James A. Burgin,

Sgt. John A. Downey,Jan 16, 1865 Blandford Church Confederate Cem. Va.

Sgt. George H. Draper,

Sgt. R.A. Jones,

Sgt. P.W. Rains,

Sgt. James M. Ware,

4thSgt. Thomas W. Reaves, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

3rd Sgt. R.A.Jones, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl. William N. Allman, Transfer from K co.

Cpl. William M. Cumins,

Cpl. Joseph K. Gill, Patton Church Cem. 1904 Jefferson Co. Ala.

Cpl. J.W.F. Lowry,

Cpl. John Lowry,

Cpl. Marion May,

Cpl. W.F. McElroy,

Cpl. A.B. Robertson,

Cpl. John Shaw,

Cpl. T.B. Spencer,

Cpl. John Stran,

Pvt. J.W. Alford,

Pvt. Bivin Allender,Nov 12, 1862 Dalton Confederate Cem.

Pvt. Jasper Allender,

Pvt. W.F. Alley,

Pvt. W. Armstrong,

Pvt. J.M. Baker,Oakland Cem. Confederate sec. Atlanta Ga.

Pvt. J.T. Barksdale,

Pvt. B.F. Barton,

Pvt. F.M. Barton,

Pvt. D.D. Batson,

PVT. THOMAS J. BATSON, enlisted May 14,1862 in Elyton Ala Jefferson Co. by W.J. Mims for 3 yrs or the war. Last paid to include Jun 30,1862 and is entitled to pay therefrom to July 24,1862 at which time he died. Entitled to commutation for transportation in lieu of furlough from Atlanta Ga. to Elyton Ala and back which is 622 miles. He is entitled to commutation for clothing drawn from government to amount of $7.75. Entitled to commutation for rations for 11 days begin May 14,1862 ending May 25,1862. died July 24,1862, Oakland Cem. Confederate sec. Atlanta Ga.

Pvt. A. Beardon,

Pvt. Calvin Beardine, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. A. Burrough,

Pvt. James H. Byars,

Pvt. William Chattman,

Pvt. W.M. Conner,

Pvt. James Cunningham,Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. G.C. Depoister,

Pvt. F.M. Eastis,

Pvt. John W. Eastis,

Pvt. W.C. Eastis,

Pvt. A.J. Ellard,

Pvt. John L. Erwin,

Pvt. J.W. Estes,

Pvt. W.T. Fields,

Pvt. W. Firestone,

Pvt. Watt Foley,

Pvt. Huey Gillum,

Pvt. Isaac Glenn,

Pvt. James R. Goodwin,

Pvt. Josephus Goodwin,

Pvt. James A. Goolsby,

Pvt. W.T. Goolsby,

Pvt. C.B. Gordan,

Pvt. R.S. Graham,

Pvt. G.W. Hait,

Pvt. R.M. Hall,

Pvt. W.M. Hawkins,

Pvt. W.S. Hawkins,

Pvt. G.W. Hewitt,

Pvt. Byrd Hill,

Pvt. Joseph Hill,

Pvt. D.F. Hodges,

Pvt. Thomas Hodges, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. W.P. Hodges,

Pvt. T.B. Howell, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. W.J. Howell,

Pvt. A.H. Howton,

Pvt. J.M. Howton,

Pvt. J.G.Huielt, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Davis Jacobs,Oakwood Cem. Chicago Ill.

Pvt. E. Jenkins,

Pvt. B.F. Jones,

Pvt. W.A. Jones,Sep 17, 1862 Dalton Confederate Cem.

Pvt.Green E. Lisenbe,Transfer from B co.

Pvt. A.K. Martin,

Pvt. S.R. McClintock,

Pvt. W.B. McClintock, KIA Sept 20, 1863 Chickamauga Ga.

Pvt. F.M. McDanal,

Pvt. J.A. McDaniel,

Pvt. C.L. McMillian,

Sgt./Pvt. A.L. McWilliams,

Pvt. George W. Montgomery,

Pvt. A.G. Morris,

Pvt. T.J. Morris,

Pvt. F.L. Nevis,

Pvt. J.H. Owen, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. George Pearson,

Pvt. Sam Pearson,

Pvt. J.M. Pope,

Pvt. Henry Powell,

Pvt. Samual J. Robbins,

Pvt. Elias Robertson,

Pvt. H.B. Robertson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Manoah Robertson,

Pvt. Andrew Ross,

Pvt. J.M. Ross,Aug 3, 1862 Montgomery Ala.

Pvt. George Rutledge,

Pvt. Phil Satterwhite,

Pvt. Thomas Satterwhite,

Pvt. Charles Scott, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. David Scott,Roll of Honor Battle of Chickamauga

Pvt. W.P. Shackleford,

Pvt. George Shaw, KIA Sept 20, 1863 Chickamauga Ga.

Pvt. A. Shields,

Pvt. Hiram Simmons, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. F.S. Snow,

Pvt. O.S. Spencer,

Pvt. N.D. Talley,

Pvt. M.L. Tandiver,

Pvt. George Thompson,

Pvt. W. Lafayette Vandover,Oct 26, 1862 Dalton Confederate Cem. Ga.

Pvt. Benjamin Wideman,

Pvt. Thomas Wideman,

Pvt. John Wilkins,

H Company
June 3, 1862 ordered to join the regiment at Mobile. June 6-7, 1862 took up line of march from Tuscaloosa. Marched to Newbern, Al the terminus of the railroad, a distance of fifty miles in two days. Arrived Mobile, Ordered to report to Chattanooga with the regiment. Left Mobile on board the steamer Flirt. June 28,1862 arrived at Montgomery, Al. June 29,1862 took the railroad to Chattanooga, Tn.

Capt. William H. Lawrence, Resigned Feb. 24,1863

Capt. Walter DuBose, Killed July 29, 1864 Petersburg,Va.

Capt. Nicholas P. Lawrence,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

2ndLt. William H. Green, Resigned Dec. 5, 1862

2Lt. A.H. Green,

2ndLt. Benjamin W. Roquemore,

2ndLt. Charles A. Lawrence, Killed Dec. 14, 1863

2ndLt. Charles H. Boyle, Resigned July 14, 1864

2Lt. Benjamin W. Roquemore, Elected 2Lt. at Cumberland Gap Tn.

1stSgt. Simon F. Manderson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Sgt. Fleetwood Clements,

Sgt. Asa G. Irons,

Sgt. David A. Mitchell, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Sgt. Samual P. White,

2ndCpl. William T. Johnson, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Cpl. Jolly Jones,

Cpl. Drury Riley,

Cpl. Appleton Toxey,

Pvt. Elias Abbott,

Pvt. Milton Aldridge,

Pvt. Richard Aldridge,

Pvt. William P. Aldridge, Nov 28, 1864 Blandford Church Va.

Pvt. Elisha A. Allen,

Pvt. J.P. Barns,

Pvt. George Beard,

Pvt. John Beard,

Pvt. John Bennett,

Pvt. James Blackston, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. George D. Boyd, Union Co. Miss 1905

Pvt. Hosea M. Boyd,

Pvt. Jacob B. Braswell,

Pvt. W.H. Brinson,

Pvt. J.P. Browne,

Pvt. James K.P. Burns,

Pvt. Thomas Burrell,

Pvt. Samuel H. Clark, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Virgil J. Clark,

Pvt. Samual M. Clements,

Pvt. John D. Conn, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Septimus Cooper,

Pvt. George J. Davis,

Pvt. Joseph Downey,

Pvt. Robert Downey,

Pvt. William C. Downey,

Pvt. John Edwards,

Pvt. George W. Fair,

Pvt. Daniel M. Foster, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. James W. Freeman,

Pvt. Edwin Freman,

Pvt. Jackson W.F. Freman,

Pvt. G.W. Gallagher,

Pvt. John W. Gallaher

Pvt. Francis M. Grant,

Pvt. Thomas J. Gutterez,

Pvt. James F. Hall,

Pvt. John N. Hardman, Rock Island Prison Cem. Apr 9,1864

Pvt. Thomas W. Harper, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. Jeremiah Hendrick,

Pvt. Emeziah Herrin,

Pvt. William J. Herrin,

Pvt. W.P. Herrin,

Pvt. Israel Hewett,

Pvt. James J. Hewett,

Pvt. Phillip Hewett,Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. Gabriel Hocut,

Pvt. James F. Holl,

Pvt. James H. Hughes,

Pvt. Charles A. Johnsey, Mobile Ala. Jun 22, 1862

Pvt. Nathan M. Johnsey, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Columbus W. Johnson,

Pvt. James J. Johnson,

Pvt. Pleasent C. Johnson,

Pvt. Alston Johnston,

Pvt. Theodore Johnston,Dalton Confederate Cem. Ga. Aug 4, 1862

Pvt. Alvey Jones,

Pvt. D. Jones,

Pvt. Robert A. Jones,

Pvt. William F. Jones,

Pvt. William H. Jones,

Pvt. W.M. Kirkpatrick, Transfer from H co.

Pvt. H.A. Lawrence,

Pvt. J.M. Lindsy, Transfer from D co.

Pvt. J.H. McClemery,

Pvt. James McClough,

Pvt. James McJough,

Pvt. John McJough,

Pvt. Thomas McJough,

Pvt. William McJough,Mobile Ala. 1862 or 1863

Pvt. Robert A. Morgan,

Pvt. Lewis J. Morris, Oakland Cem. Confederate Sec. Atlanta Ga.

Pvt. John B. Nabors,

Pvt. William G. Prince,

Pvt. William N. Roden, Discharged Jun 2,1862

Pvt. John L. Rodgers,

Pvt. Robert C. Shortridge,age 14,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John Shuttleworth, Knoxville Tn. Nov 6, 1862

Pvt. Alvin A. Smith, Deserted at Louden Tn. Aug 27,1863

Pvt. James B. Swan,

Pvt. Abraham Taylor, WIA at Petersburg Va. Sept 12,1864

Pvt. David F. Thornton,

Pvt. Henry M. Thornton, Captured at Lexington Ky

Pvt. Daniel F. Thornton, Deserted Jun 6,1863

Pvt. Morton V. Thornton, Deserted at Tuscaloosa June 6,1862

Pvt. Adam John Townsend, Born Oct 8, 1823 in White Co Tn. Died Mar 31, 1899 in Foster Ala in Tuscaloosa Co. Buried in Skinner Cem in Foster. Married to Elva Rill Liverman

Pvt. Daniel F. Tubb/Tubbs, Killed on Picket at Petersburg Va. July 29,1864(My GGGGrandfather)Roll of Honor Battle of Chickamauga

Pvt. William Vanzant,

Pvt. David Walden, Died in Enemy hospital Apr 10,1864

Pvt. Benjamin Walker, Deserted at Knoxville Tn. July 2,1863

Pvt. Morgan Watts, Deserted at Lexington Ky Sept 25,1863

Pvt. Jessie Ward, Discharged at Knoxville Tn Nov 16,1862

Pvt. Jasper N. Williams, Deserted at Saulsbury Plains Apr 26,1863

Pvt. Ephriam W. Woodward,

May 12, 1862 Rendezvous at Tuscaloosa. May 13-June 4, 1862 Remained in camp. June 5-9, 1862 Left Tuscaloosa with orders to join the regiment in Mobile. Marched to Newbern fifty-one miles, took railroad to Selma about ten miles and took a steamboat to mobile about 300miles.June 10, 1862. June 11-24, 1862 Remained in camp in Mobile until ordered to Chattanooga. June 25-29, 1862 took a steamboat from Mobile to Montgomery, Thence by railroad to Chattanooga. June 30, 1862 arrived at Chattanooga at night and pitched tents at Camp Forney, where we are now stationed.

Capt. William A. Fitts, Resigned Feb. 24, 1863

Capt. Edward F. Comegys, Promoted from 1Sgt.

Capt. Joseph A. Sylvester, Killed July 1, 1864

2ndLt Lewis Ballenger, Absent sick Fayette Co. Ala Left June 5,1862,Resigned August 9, 1862, Died Sep. 11, 1862

3rdLt John Stephenson,Resigned Aug. 3, 1863

2ndLt. George W. Godfrey,

2Lt. Lewis Ballenger,

1stLt. Robert S. Walker,

2ndSgt Thomas J. Shackleford,

3rdSgt William Gwyn,

5thSgt John H. Corbett, Absent Montgomery Left June 29,1862

Sgt. H.S. Awtry, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Sgt. John H. Corbett,

Sgt. Thomas J. Godfrey,

Sgt. Samuel H. Hawkins,

Sgt. Noah J. Morrison,

1stCorp Lewis E. Corbett, Absent sick left in Montgomery by order of surgeon

2ndCorp James M. Brock, Absent sick in Tuscaloosa June 5,1862

4thCorp James M. Oakes,

Pvt./Cpl. Brittin Van Buren McDaniel, Died Jan 1, 1891 Meadow Branch Cem. Lamar Co. Al

Cpl. John T. Allen,

Cpl. David C. Hawkins,

Pvt Josiah H. Allen,

Pvt. Nathaniel F. Allen,

Pvt. Andrew Anderson,

Pvt. Alex Atkins,

Pvt. James Atkins,

Pvt. William G. Bailey,

Pvt. Hamilton Ballenger,

Pvt. Edwin Barmes,

Pvt. Jacob D. Barnes, Rock Island Prison Confederate Cem. Feb 12,1864

Pvt. James P. Barnes,

Pvt. Jesse L. Barnes,

Pvt. Jesse P. Barnes,

Pvt. Jethro Barnes, Mobile Ala. July 11,1862

Pvt. John Barnes, Roll of Honor Chickamauga

Pvt. J.M. Barton,

Pvt. Jacob Barton,

Pvt. William E. Billingsley,

Pvt Alfred A. Billingsly, Oakwood Cem. Chicago Ill. 12/22/1864

Pvt. Clayton W. Billingsly,

Pvt. James E.M. Billingsly,

Pvt. John B. Billingsly,

Pvt. Andrew S. Black,

Pvt. Tilman Bobo, Oct.29,1864 Blandford Church Cem. Va.

Pvt. C. Botts,

Pvt. William L. Bowman,

Pvt. John A.B. Brown,

Pvt. William Brown,

Pvt. James P. Burgan,

Pvt. W.H. Burgime,

Pvt. Moses Burgin, Montgomery Ala. 1862?

Pvt. John F. Burrow,

Pvt. Cicero J. F. Cain,

Pvt. T.C. Caydell,Transfer from G co

Pvt. Jacob Clearman,

Pvt. John P. Clement,

Pvt. James H. Clements,

Pvt. John P. Clements, Transfer from H co.

Pvt. John B. Coleman,

Pvt. Robert W. Collins,

Pvt. Robert L. Conally,

Pvt. Andrew J. Corbett,

Pvt. Lewis E. Corbett,

Pvt. Thomas G. Davis,

Pvt. Charles C. Dodson,

Pvt. James J.M. Dodson,

Pvt. John T. Dodson,

Pvt. Bemjamin S. Finch,

Pvt. Thomas H. Finch,

Pvt. W.A. Grime,

Pvt. Alson Wesley Guin,Born May 6, 1838, Died Oct 14,1908 Greenwood Springs Monroe Co. Ms Easter Family Cem.

Pvt. Jeremiah M.Guin Sr.,Born may 13,1831 Tuscaloosa Ala Died Jan 20,1890 Guin, Marion Co Ala Guin City Cem.

Pvt. John A. Guin,Discharged Sep 19 1863 wounded in right arm losing use of same arm.

Pvt. Thompson G. Hardin,

Pvt. Jonathan Hawkins,

Pvt. Thomas B. Hawkins,

Pvt. William E. Head,

Pvt. Jeptha V. Hester,

Pvt. Hillary Higdon, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. John W.M. Hill,

Pvt. John A. Hogan,

Pvt. Milton P. Hudson,

Pvt. Andrew C. Jackson,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Samuel H. Jackson,

Pvt. Samuel R. Jaggers,

Pvt. Robert G. Jones,

Pvt. William R. Jordan,

Pvt. John R. Kelly,

Pvt. James E. Lawrence,

Pvt. Alfred Lucas,

Pvt. N. McClellan,

Pvt. Nathaniel M. McClung,

Pvt. Robert McCoy,

Pvt. Raymond R. McDaniel,Buried Crystal Falls Tx. Nov 7,1907

Pvt. James T. Mitchell,

Pvt. T.D. Monroe,

pvt. J.A. Morgan,

Pvt. John Morris,

Pvt. Thomas A. Morrow,

Pvt. Thomas J. Oakes,

Pvt. John J. Oakes, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Alfred P. Odam,

Pvt. Elijah B. Otts,

Pvt. Jasper Otts,

Pvt. Michael Otts,

Pvt. Michael C. Otts,

Pvt. Newton Otts, Knoxville Confederate Cem. Tn.

Pvt. Robert J. Otts,

Pvt. William Otts Jr.,

Pvt. Benjamin S. Pace,

Pvt. Willaim A. Palmer,

Pvt. Francis M. Pennington,

Pvt. James W. Price,

Pvt. Jeremiah C. Randolph,

Pvt. Amos J. Rector,

Pvt. Henry H. Roland,

Pvt. Hiram M. Roland,

Pvt. Jesse H. Self,

Pvt. William A. Self,

Pvt. Andrew J. Shackelford,

Pvt. John J. Shackelford,

Pvt. Thomas J. Shackelford,

Pvt. Joseph Shaw,

Pvt. Thomas J. Shaw,

Pvt. Henry Shirey,

Pvt. George W. Smith, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. George W. Smith 1st,

Pvt. George W. Smith 2nd,

Pvt. Isaac Andrew Smith, Born Sept 18, 1832.Married to Rachel Catherine Pennington Smith. Died Nov 7,1908. Buried Blue Springs Freewill Bapt Church Cem. in Phil Campbell Ala. Picture in photo secdtion. Information and picture provided by James Smith

Pvt. P.W. Smith,

Pvt. William G. Smith,

Pvt. George H. Spence,

Pvt. William W. Spence,

Pvt. J.E. Steward,

Pvt. James H. Stewart,

Pvt. Benjamin Stovall,

Pvt. George Thomas,

Pvt. Ramsom G. Ursery,

Pvt. Thomas G. Vandiver,

Pvt. Alexander Vick,

Pvt. Benjamin F. Williams,

Pvt. Henry C. Williams,

Pvt. W.C. Wilson,

May 14, 1862 Encamped at Tuscaloosa. May 15-June 9, 1862 remained in Camp. June 10,1862 ordered to Mobile, Al where we remained in camp. June 25,1862 Ordered with the balance of the regiment to Chattanooga Tn. June 26-30,1862 encamped at Chattanooga Tn.

Capt. James W. Shepherd,Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

1stLt. Joseph J. Harris, Resigned Aug. 5, 1862

2ndLt. O'Connel Davis, Returned to ranks

2ndLt. William J. Gilbert, Resigned Mar. 18, 1863 to date Jan. 2, 1863

1stLt. George R. Redwood, Deserted Dec. 2, 1864, Dropped Feb. 3, 1865

2ndLt. John W. Shepherd, Died May 21, 1863

1stLt. George A. Miles,

2ndLt. Henry W. Cole,

2ndLt. John B. Fears,

1Sgt. James H. Deweese,

Sgt. John C. Finnell,

Sgt. John Kilgore,

Sgt. Abner Knight, Born Dec 31, 1830 Lauren S.C. Wounded at Drewry's Bluff May 16, 1864 admitted Howard General Hospital, Transfered to Danville General Hospital#13 May 23, 1864, Furloughed ffrom Pettigrew General Hospital May 26, 1864, List of injured soldiers in general Hospital Tuscaloosa Al Jun 1, 1864, Returned 43rd August 31, 1864 in Petersburg Va. Paroled at Appomattox C. H.

Sgt. John Richardson,

Sgt. John W. Sheperd,

Cpl. J.M. Burnett,

Cpl. Allen H. Johnston, Captured Petersburg Va.

PVT. W. P. Aaron, Rock Island Prison Confederate Cem. Grave # 1391 Aug 8,1864

PVT> William P. Aaron,enlisted May 14,1862 Tuscaloosa Ala, married, farmer, age 33, Absent sick Huntsville Tn Aug 15, 1862, Deserted Dec 4, 1863

PVT. James Albridge, enlisted May 14,1862 Tuscaloosa Ala., age 23, single, farmer, Absent detailed Chickamauga Ga. Sep 20,1863, Present Knoxville Tn. Nov 29,1963 and siege, Beans Station Tn Dec 14,1863, absent captured Half Way house Va. May 10,1864

Pvt. J.J. Bagwell,

Pvt. John T. Bagwell,enlisted May 14,1862 Tuscaloosa Ala., age 32, married, farmer, absent sick Huntsville Tn Aug 15,1862, Present Petersburg Va. Jun 17-18,1864, Deserted Petersburg Va. siege Oct 25,1864.Above information from the Alabama Sate Archives, I also have seen a list that shows this soldier paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. J.R. Baker, Oakland Cem. Confederate Sec. Atlanta Ga.

Pvt. Joel Baker,

Pvt. J.B. Barker,

PVT. Thomas J. Barker,enlisted May 14,1862 Tuscaloosa Ala, age 23, married, farmer, absent sick Huntsville Tn. Aug 15,1862, Died Aug 1,1862

PVT. THOMAS J. BARKER,enlisted May 14,1862 Tuscaloosa Ala by J.J. Harris for 3 yrs or the War, Last paid by A.O. Houston, Capt, A.Q.M. includes Jun 30,1862 and entitled to pay therefrom to Dec 4,1862 at which time he died, no stoppages, left effects which were turned over to Surgeon in charge of Hospital. Died Dec 4,1862 Hospital in Dalton Ga.

Pvt. John C. Browning,

PVT. JAMES P. BIRCHFIELD,enlisted May 14,1862 Tuscaloosa Ala, age 17, single, farmer, Present Huntsville Tn Aug 15,1862, Chickamauga Ga. Sep 20,1863, absent captured Knoxville Tn Nov 29,1863

Pvt. William T. Burchfield

Pvt. T.J. Burnett,

Pvt. Alex Christian,

Pvt. Byrd Covin,

Pvt. J.R. Davis,

Pvt. John L. Davis,

Pvt. William R. Davis,

Pvt. Francis M. Deason,

Pvt. J.G. Denny,

Pvt. W. Devenport,

Pvt. Richard Dodd,

Pvt. J.N. Earnest,

Pvt. Stephen Edwards,

Pvt. J.S. England,

Pvt. John T. Franklin,

Pvt. Joseph Garrett,

Pvt. Samuel P. Garrette,

Pvt. T.J. Garrette,

Pvt. H. Gilbert,

Pvt. J.M. Gilbert,

Pvt. John I. Gilbert.

Pvt. Silas Gilbert,

Pvt. William J. Gilbert,

Pvt. Jackson Gilburt,

Pvt. Chesley B. Gwin,

Pvt. Jesse J. Gwin,

Pvt. Edward T. Hardiman,

Pvt. William Hardiman,

Pvt. M.A. Hassell, Alton Ill. Confederate Cem. Mar 17,1863

Pvt. Jonathan Herron,

Pvt. Joseph Humber,

Pvt. Henry Jackson,

Pvt. Thomas Jackson,

Pvt. Larkin Johnston,

Pvt. Charles B. Jordin,

Pvt. James L. Kilgore,

Pvt. George W. King,

Pvt. W. Linaly, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Frank L. Martin, Transfer from A co.

Pvt. John McDuff,

Pvt. M.C. McGough,

Pvt. George W. Medlin,

Pvt. Rolin W. Miner,

Pvt. Charles Mitcham,

Pvt. Joseph Mitcham,

Pvt. Green B. Morris,

Pvt. John Naramore, Survived war

Pvt. Reuben Naramore, Enlisted May 14,1862 in Tuscalosa Ala. Died Measles Mar 6,1863 Cumberland gap Tn.

Pvt. Moses Neal,

Pvt. William W. Osburn,

Pvt. William B. Rhea,

Pvt. George W. Richards, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. James Robertson,

Pvt. William Rose,

Pvt. John R. Scales,

Pvt. William W. Scales, Roll of Honor Chickamauga

Pvt. George W. Shackelford,

Pvt. Joel Simpson,

Pvt. William M. Smalley,

Pvt. James R. Spears,

Pvt. Jessie Statom, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. Richard Stone,

Pvt. Elias D. Swindle,

Pvt. William Swindle,

Pvt. J.T. Tacket,

Pvt. Francis M. Tanner, Paroled at Appomattox C.H.

Pvt. G.W. Tascur,

Pvt. J. Thompson,

Pvt. William Alexander Thompson, Born Walker Co. Al Nov 10, 1831

Pvt. John W. Turner,

Pvt. James H. Wade,

Pvt. Windham Waller,

Pvt. Amaziah Watson,

Pvt. William W. Watson,

Pvt. John G. Weathington,

Pvt. William Wiggins,

Pvt. James Wilcut,

Pvt. Nathaniel Williams,

Pvt. Timothy W. Williams,

Pvt. W. Williams,

Pvt. N. Williamson,

Pvt. Wilimas S. Williamson,

Pvt. Richard Winchester,

Pvt. R.W. Winer,

Pvt. S.F. Winter,

Pvt. William T.J. Woodle,

Pvt. William K. Wyatt,


Sgt. H. Johnson,

Cpl. Wiliam Wild,

Cpl. T.J. Wilson,

PVT. J.W.Bareer, Linwood Community Cem. Columbus Ga.

Pvt. W.A. Box,

Pvt. Baily W. Bruce,

Pvt. M.D. Christopher,

Pvt. J.E. Crowder,

Pvt. W.W. Grubbs,

Pvt. John Hall,

PVT. Thomas Hawkins, Lexington Confederate Cem. Lexington Ky.

Pvt. Benjamin F. Neely,

Pvt. Robert Nesbit,

Pvt. J.B. Pitts,

Pvt. James Quinney,

Pvt. J.A. Ramsey,

Pvt. A. Smith,

Pvt. J.A. Smith,

Pvt. W.H. Ward,

Pvt. W.L. Yearout,

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