Marine Detachments (1948 - 1957)

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This site was constructed for the 280 Marines that service aboard the USS Curtiss during the years 1948-1957.  To date 187 of those Marines have been located.  We are continuing our search for the missing Marines.  If you are one of the missing or know a Marine that served aboard the USS Curtiss, we would like to hear from you:  Email.  The purpose of the site is to unite the Marines that were aboard the ship during the nuclear operations and to provide a source of information for them and their relatives and next of kin.  Everyone is welcome to visit the site.


This web site consists of 6 sections which can be reached using the links at bottom of page.

  1. A brief HISTORY of the Marine Detachments and the USS Curtiss during the years 1948-1957.
  2. A list of the OPERATIONS that the Marine Detachments participated in.  The list includes dates, location, type of test, yield, name of operation and test.  There are also links to obtain additional information regarding the operations.
  3. Thumbprint photographs (OPSPHOTOS) of some of the nuclear tests.  There are links to sites where additiional photographs can be viewed, and to the DOE site where VHS tapes and photographs can be purchased.
  4. Information on the pending 5th reunion and the previous four REUNIONS.  Also contains photographs of the past reunions.
  5. General information (currently regarding the Marshall Islands) and links (INFO-LINKS) to sites containing information about the nuclear tests, veterans legislation, the Marine Corps, etc.
  6. This page is dedicated to members of the Detachments who have received their finally transfer orders (TAPS).   Among the deceased is SSgt Guillen, holder of the Medal of Honor.


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