Above: USS Quincy charging the Japanese ships

* denotes flagship


Eight Fleet-Vice Admiral Gunichi Mikawa
5 Heavy Cruisers: IJN Chokai*, Aoba, Furutaka, Kinugasa, and Kako
2 Light Cruisers: IJN Yubari and Tenryu
1 Destroyer: IJN Yunagi


Admiral Victor Crutchley-Commander of the Cruisers that night

Southern Cruiser Group:
Heavy cruiser Ausralia* would not participate-Adm. Crutchley was summoned to meet with Radm. Turner. Crutchley took Australia with him.
2 Heavy Cruisers: USS Chicago*(Capt. Bode-SOPA) and HMS Canberra
2 Destroyers: USS Bagley and Patterson

Northern Cruiser Group:
3 Heavy Cruisers: USS Vincennes*(Capt. Riefkohl-SOPA), Quincy and Astoria.
2 Destroyers: USS Helm and Wilson


Chokai damaged
Kako was torpedoed and sunk a day after the battle by an American submarine
58 killed, 70 wounded


4 Heavy cruisers: HMS Canberra, USS Vincennes, Quincy, and Astoria
1 Heavy cruiser damaged: USS Chicago
1,077 killed-including Captain Frank Getting, HMS Canberra and Captain Samuel Moore, USS Quincy
700 wounded
Captain Howard Bowde, USS Chicago, subsequently commited suicide after the battle.


Below pictures scanned from Lost Ships of Guadalcanal by Dr. Robert Ballard.

Below are 2 pics of sunken USS Quincy. In the first one, the 3 arrows midships are pointing to the five-inch guns, and the one at the bow is pointing to the severed bow.

Bow Section
In 2nd picture, #6 is supports for aircraft catapults, #5 is hanger wreckage, #4 is tilted aft superstructure, #3 is collapsed deck, #2 is aft 1.1 inch AA guns, #1 is remants of flagstaff.

Aft Section

More pictures of sunken USS Quincy
Bridge and forward guns
AA guns, shield and bridge
AA guns
5 inch gun
Forward 8inch gun

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