Camp Chase Chronicles Introduction

This work was compiled with the intent to consolidate information on the subject of Camp Chase. This could not have been done without the help of many interested persons, such as, David Roth, John Ward, Alice Baker and the many other people who have lead us to the sources of this information. This data has been copied here for the purpose of aiding researchers in the search for original sources relating to Camp Chase. The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion has been searched for information relating to Columbus and Camp Chase , as well as other notable sources which all are noted with the text they were copied from. This Project is on going and will constantly be updated.

Paul A. Clay
January 1991

AL = Alfred Lee's The History of Columbus, Capital of Ohio ,1892 It shall be Vol. 2 unless , Noted as Vol. 1

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WK = The Story of Camp Chase, by William H. Knauss 1906.

Camp Chase Photographers
Manfred Marsden Griswold, Post Photographer
E. E. Miller, Photographer

Columbus General Background

1797-Franklinton laid out by Lucas Sullivant in 1797.

1803-Ohio became a state in 1803

1812-Columbus became the Capital of Ohio on February 14, 1812.

1823-Lucas Sullivant's death after the flood of 1823. Left much of the property west of Franklinton to his three sons William, Michael & Joseph. William Sullivant owned most of the land north of the National Road. Michael Sullivant owned the land South of the National Road. Both brothers built houses on what is now known as the Hilltop which came from the name " Sullivant's hill"

1834- The National Road is built through Franklinton and Columbus running East to West.
Also the area four miles west of Columbus which will later be Camp Chase is used as a race track for horses.

1861- January 1. The old race track land (Lot 7.) belonging to Michael Sullivant is sold to John G. Holloway of Kentucky.

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