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Elijah Agnew enlisted in Co. A, 16th Regiment Ga. Vol. Infantry, on July 11, 1861. He died at Camp Chase on May 25, 1865. His Grave #is 1987.

John Hamil Brock, Jr. was a private in Co. F, 50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He was born in 1829 in Pulaski Co., Ga. His family moved to Thomas Co., Ga in the 1830's. On April 9, 1848 he married Jane Davis from Ga. and they had 6 children, 5 boys and one girl...James Russell Brock, Thomas Jefferson Brock, John Hamil Brock, George Washington Brock, William Brock and Mary Dorothy Brock.

He enlisted in the Thomas County Georgia Rangers on March 4, 1862. He was promoted to 2nd Corporal on October 8, 1862. The Thomas County Rangers were assigned to the 50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment as Company "E", commanded by Col. W. R. Manning. The 50th Ga. fought in more than 45 battles in the war and almost all of the major battles.

He was wounded in the ankle at the Battle of Knoxville, Tn. in February of 1864. He was left behind when his company moved out as he could not walk and was captured by Union forces on February 21, 1864. He was sent to Camp Chase and arrived there April 14, 1864. He died there on January 5, 1865. Records at Camp Chase show he died of Typhoid Malaria but on Jane's widows pension application she says he died of gangrene from the ankle wound. His gravemarker is # 713.
Source: GG-Grandson Jimmie Brock

Benjamin Chastain was a Pvt. in Co. E, 8th Georgia Btn. Infantry. He was born about 1824 in South Carolina. Benjamin was married to Ruth C. Prather on 23 Aug 1846 in Gilmer Co, Ga. He enlisted in the 8th GA Btn. on Oct 18, 1861 and was captured near Atlanta, Ga, on July 22, 1864. Benjamin was a prisoner at Camp Chase, Ohio, and died of diarrhea on Aug 13, 1864. His grave # is 198.
Source: Ancestors of Glynnda (Fitzgerald) and Ray Winford Smith

Samuel Griffith was a Private in Co. C, 56th Georgia Infantry. He enlisted on May 10, 1862 at Bowden, Georgia and was first captured at Champion Hill on May 18, 1863. Samuel was sent to Camp Morton, Indiana and later appears on the rolls of Fort Delaware on June 9, 1863 where he was finally exchanged on July 4, 1863. Samuel was captured once again on December 16, 1864 near Nashville, Tennessee. He was first sent to the Military Prison at Louisville, KY and forwarded January 2, 1865 to Camp Chase, Ohio where he arrived on January 4, 1865. Samuel Griffith died at Camp Chase from chronic diarrhea on March 11, 1865. His grave # is 1619
Source: Jenny Honeycutt

Matthew O. Giddens enlisted August 1, 1861 in Company C/G, 29th Georgia Infantry. He was born in 1844, the son of Ibsin Giddens and Keziah Knight. Matthew was captured near Nashville, TN on December 16, 1864. He died of pneumonia at Camp Chase, OH on 8 February 1865 and is buried in grave #1107.
Source: John Griffin and Steve Giddens ; 29th GA Volunteer Infantry

Elbert Hall enlisted in Company K, 29th Georgia Infantry as a private on October 9, 1861. He was born in 1843, the son of Abijah Hall and Lorena Hall. Elbert was captured at Nashville, TN on December 16, 1864. He died of pneumonia at Camp Chase on March 1, 1865 and is buried in grave #1498
Source: John Griffin and Steve Giddens ; 29th GA Volunteer Infantry

William W. "Dock" Lester enlisted in Company B, 40th Georgia Infantry as a private. He was born in 1837 Newton County, Georgia and was 24 years old when he joined the army. William was captured by Union forces near Atlanta on August 13, 1864 and died of smallpox at Camp Chase, Ohio on February 19, 1865. Both of his brothers, Benjamin Franklin and John Henry Lester, were killed on the same day in Vicksburgh, Mississippi. William W. Lester's grave is # 1344. Photograph

William James Lofton enlisted as a private in Company K, 30th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee, CSA; Campbell County, Georgia; Chattahoochee Volunteers, on September 25, 1861.

William J. was born 24. October, 1829, in Lofton's Store ( later named Worthville), Butts County, Georgia, the son of John Lofton & Sarah Jester Lofton. William J. lived & grew-up in Lofton's Store (Worthville) where his father established & operated a mercantile business up intil the time of his death in 1851. In the Fall of 1859 William J. moved with his sister Rosannah & husband, William Osmus Robinson, to Carroll County, Georgia. He lived with them on a farm they had purchased until the time of his enlistment.

William James was captured in Marion County, Alabama and forwarded to Camp Chase, Ohio, where he died from pneumonia on 24. September, 1865. His Grave # is 1426.
Source: H. Michael Robinson Gr. gr. nephew

John T. Sirmans enlisted as a private in Company C, 29th Georgia Infantry on 1 August 1861. John was born in 1835, the son of Joseph Sirmans and Rebecca Smith. He married Katherine McLean. He was captured near Atlanta, GA on August 7, 1864. John died of small-pox at Camp Chase on January 7, 1865. He is buried in Grave #717
Source: John Griffin and Steve Giddens ; 29th GA Volunteer Infantry

Solomon WADE was born in 1830 in GA. Solomon was a member of Co. C, Van Den Corput's Co. Light Artillery. Parents: ??Solomon WADE and ??Lucy. He was married to Mary Anne SNOW. Children were: James Calvin (J.C.) WADE. He died on 17 Mar 1865 at Camp Chase, OH. His Grave # is 1691.
Source: The Judith Wade and Earl Anderson Family

Nelson Williams was a Private in Inf. Battn., Smith's Legion, Ga. Vols. on May 15, 1862. He transferred to Co. F. 65th Regt. Ga. Inf. in March 1863. Nelson was appointed 4th Corporal on April 1, 1864. He received issue clothing on November 16, 1864. He was captured at Franklin, Tenn. on December 17, 1864, and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio. Nelson died there April 8, 1865. His Grave # is 1892.
Source: Co. F, 65th GA INF

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