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Page of the Camp Chase Death Register

This is a sample page of the Death Register kept at Camp Chase. Recorded were Date of Death, Name of Prisoner, Company and Unit the deceased belonged to and Grave Number.

Every man that entered Camp Chase prison camp had a unique story...a story that is worth remembering and that deserves to be preserved and re-told.
This page is an attempt to collect all the stories of the men who lie buried in Camp Chase Cemetery. Hopefully, it will help us to understand these men a little better and gives us a glimpse of how it must have been like for them to spend their life and their last breath in captivity, far away from their homes and their loved ones.

If you had an ancestor who died at Camp Chase and would like to share his story with us, please contact me and I will be honored to add this information to the webpage. I have divided the page up by state and the names are in alphabetical order. More states will be added as stories become available.

North Carolina
South Carolina

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