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S. G. Etheridge was a 1st Lt. in Co. B, 32nd AL Infantry. He enlisted in Mobile in April 1862, fought and was captured at Stone's River, TN, December 31, 1862. He was taken to Camp Chase in Jan, '63 and transferred for exchange April 1863 to Ft. Delaware and City Point, VA. He later served in Border's TX Cavalry until end of war and ended his military career with the rank of captain.
Source: Ralph Snyder gr. grandson

John C. Green enlisted as a private in Co. B, 38th Alabama Infantry. He was shot and captured at the battle of Atlanta, July 22, 1864 and confined at Camp Chase from August 64 to June 65. John C. Green was assigned as Barracks Sergeant of Barracks No. 11 and kept a roll book of the Mess groups in the barracks [the original roll book is held by the Alabama Department of Archives and History]. The rolls were transcribed by his grandson Arthur E. Green. To view the rolls click here . See his book "Southerners at War-the 38th Alabama Infantry Volunteers" published 1999 by White Mane. For additional information contact the author.
Source: Arthur E. Green

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