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Finesce Ewing Hopkins, 12th TN Infantry Regiment, Co. I. He was born in Weakley County, Tennessee, in 1841, to Nathan S. Hopkins and Jane Ewing. Finesce enlisted May 30, 1861 at Jackson, Tn. with his younger brother Cullen Perry Hopkins. They were both assigned to Co. I, 12th Tenn. Infantry Regiment. Finesce was furloughed several times that year due to sickness. His brother Cullen went home after his one year enlistment expired and it is not known why Finesce stayed but he was captured outside Atlanta, Ga. on August 3, 1864 and sent through Nashville, Tn. to a military prison outside Louisville, Ky. on August 12, 1864. The following day he was transferred again to Camp Chase, Ohio where he remained until his death on January 25, 1865 of Variola (Smallpox). His Grave # is 878.
Ironically, his brother Cullen moved to St. Louis to escape the war in western Tenn. and was conscripted by Union forces serving in the Missouri Cavalry for the remainder of the war. He nonetheless received a Union pension for that service.
Source: Rich Fischer

Shelby Farris/Pharris was a member of Co. G, 25th Tennessee Infantry. He was born about 1831 in JacksonCounty, Tennessee. His parents were Isham Pharris and Alice "Alcy" Sandleford. He enlisted in Company G of the 25th Tennessee Infantry on July 30, 1861 at Livingston, Tennessee. He was present with his unit until Feb 25, 1863 when he was absent without leave. He was officially listed as a deserter Mar 1, 1863. Shelby was captured in Jackson County, Tennessee on Jan 23, 1864 and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio. He desired to take the Oath of Alligiance on June 10, 1864 but there are no records that indicate that he ever did. Shelby Farris died Aug 10, 1864 of dysentery. His Grave # is 196.
Source: Mitzi Freeman

F.N. Myers was a private in Co. I, 19th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. He married Nancy Myers in 1859. F. N. Myers enlisted in May 1861 and died at Camp Chase on February 15, 1865. His grave # is 1255. His wife filed a pension application in Walker Co, GA.

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