1864 CAMP CHASE Grave Robbery

During the night of November 24, 1864, a gruesome crime took place in the Camp Chase Cemetery. Col. W. P. RICHARDSON, Colonel Twenty-fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Commanding Post , reported on November 26, 1864, that "On the night of the 24th instant the bodies of six deceased prisoners were stolen from the grave-yard attached to camp where prisoners only are buried. I arrested the perpetrators of this outrage and referred the matter to General Hooker and was by him directed to turn the prisoners and papers over to the prosecuting attorney of this county, which I have done. Respectfully referred to the Commissary-General of Prisoners."

After some further investigation I was able to establish a list of the victims. The official records indicate that the bodies were "removed" from the cemetery with no remark as to the circumstances. None of the bodies were recovered.

Grave # 507 Hensley, A. S. Co. B, 45th VA CAV, d. Nov. 23, 1864. Removed!

Grave # 508 Hook, Curtis, Co. D [Bullard Guards], 59th GA Inf.; d. Nov. 24, 1864. Removed!

Grave # 510, Lester/Luster, J(ohn). W; Co. A, 33 TN Inf.; d. Nov. 24, 1864; Removed!

Grave # 511 Lindley, Jonathan P., 1st Conf. Cav.; d. Nov. 24, 1864; Removed!

Grave # 512, Stephens, T. J., Co. B, 16th LA Inf; d. Nov. 24, 1864; Removed!

Grave # 513, Blund, Hiram, Co. I, 1st GA Inf; d. Nov. 24, 1864; Removed!

Grave # 514 is a problem...there are two listings for this grave:

a) # 514, Hicks, Andrew Jackson, Co. C, 34th VA Cav.; d. December 6, 1864

b) # 514, Blank, H., Co. C, 34th VA Cav; d. Nov. 24, 1864. Removed!

Blank's name does not appear in the CWC database and Blund's name does not show on Knauss' list...it makes me consider that "Blank" wasn't a name at all but simply stood for "blank" as in not having the man's last name available when Knauss' list was compiled. Also, both men's first name start with the letter "H". The only discrepancy is the difference in units. Is H. Blank a conglomerate of Hiram Blund and Andrew Jackson Hicks who served in the 34th VA Cav.? It appears that Andrew Jackson Hicks may have been buried in the empty grave of his predecessor whose grave was robbed and that in the aftermath the records may have been mixed up. At this point though, this is mere speculation on my part.

Any further information about the men in question, such as verification of service, place of burial [if applicable], or any other pertinent information would be greatly appreciated. Area newspaper articles perhaps reporting the crime and/or photographs of the markers would be wonderful as well . Please contact me if you can assist in any way.
Marlitta H. Perkins

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