The "Guyan" Rebels

These men were captured after the Raid on Gyandotte, VA, November 10, 1861, and sent to Camp Chase. This list of names was pusblished in the Ironton [OH] Register, November 28, 1861.
      Henry H. Miller
      Absolom P. Chapman
      Edwin A. Smith
      John W. Hite
      Jacob Bumgarner
      Henry Bumgarner
      E. H. Walton
      Kiah Thornburg
      Elijah Ricketts
      Chas. T. Everett
      St. Mark Russell
      St. Mark Russell, Jr.
      David Frampton
      Stephen C. Strother
      John Ong
      Peter Everett
      Wm. C. Rogers
      Robt. Reynolds
      --- Stewart

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