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I Decided to create this page so people could view the Information people are seeking etc.

Most of them came from our Guest Book and some from E-Mai. The timing the information came in is not in order.

Please View this and if you can help them in their search please Contact them.

Looking for information on this Canadian in the American Civil War.

"His name was Henry Weaver and all I can tell you is that in 1862 his wife, Mary, had a son while living somewhere in Quebec. I think they were probably in the area near Stormont Co, Ontario because Mary sent this son to live with her sister there. There was also a son born in 1859, but I don't know where.

Henry is supposed to have been born in Scotland and to have been a ship's carpenter, but I don't know that for a fact. I've learned that a lot of Weavers in Canada were of German background. Mary's maiden name was Brown and she was born in Ireland. She later married, in 1868, a Prussian man named Joseph Graff and moved to NY.

One thing I learned from the book I mentioned is that a lot of Canadians were in southern port cities like Mobile in the years just before the War, seeking work. And a lot of them were in ship-related trades. I've just sent for the records of a Henry Weaver who was in the 12th Alabama, which the author said came from Mobile and had a lot of foreigners in it. This unit was at Gettysburg, where Henry is supposed to have served.

For all I know, Henry lived in the US before Canada, or was the descendent of a Loyalist. One John Weaver (German background) I know of was processed in Nova Scotia after serving the British cause and losing his land in South Carolina. Anything is possible.

As far as the picture goes, I wish I had it. I've been trying to figure out how to track down the descendants I don't already know to see if someone has it tucked away in an attic. I'd love to see it and be able to see any insignia, etc.

I was aware that some Union outfits wore gray, which only complicates things! The granddaughter who described the picture was in her 70's when she talked about it, so her memory could have been playing tricks or she may not have known that a Union soldier could also wear gray.

Thank you for anything you can do to help-- posting the question, etc.


Contact her with any information at joyweave@erols.com (Pvt. Church)

I noticed your message at Genforum where you are seeking information on the 2nd Michigan. I want to compliment you on your very impressive 2nd Michigan website -- loads of information. It was a pleasure to see it.

I wonder if you could assist me. I am trying to locate descendants of two officers of the 2nd Michigan -- Orlando M. Poe and Henry F. Lyster.

As you know Poe was one of the 2nd's Colonels, and Lyster was one of its surgeons. I am related to both men's wives and I am interested in contacting descendants to share family history. Colonel Poe's wife was Eleanor Carroll Brent, and Dr. Lyster's wife was Winifred Lee Brent.

Any assistance you can provide would be most appreciated. And keep up the good work!

Ned Markey

E-Mail at nmarkey@schiffhardin.com

If you have any information for him please contact him Thank You. (Pvt. Church)

Great site Jean-Marc!! Glad you responded to my posting! Through your site I ended up in Vermont's site and found two ancestors that I didn't know served!! Now, here's my dilema. Have sent for records of GGrandfather William H FLYNN and nothing was found. I then searched the 1890 Special Veteran's Census. He was there but all it said was "papers in atty's hands". His pension kept my Mom's family going during the depression so I know he served as she also gave me his GAR medal. Where do I search now for his records? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

D.J. Goldman -
01/04/99 01:54:09
My Email:djgoldman@mathbox.com

I have given him the web address for the GAR and he will look there for starters then SUVCW. If you know anything about this soldier please E-Mail him. (Pvt Church)

Dear Jean-Marc,

I am getting nowhere on the search for My greatgrandfather (Canadian in Civil War?). The claim by older relatives that he served, was captured and imprisoned in Georgia is unsubstantiated. There are no pension records, and no service was mentioned in his obituary. The claim is that he was a paid substitute, and would have used his own name to receive the enlistment bonus.

I have tried other Michigan CW sources, but no one has him on the roster either. He is not in 2nd Michigan on your site. His name is Robert McClinchey, and he would have been in mid twenties.

It would be terrific if you can suggest somewhere else I can look.

A tout a L'heure

Antoinette Cerabone.

Joseph and Antoinette Cerabon E-Mail

Fred Carroll - 08/11/98 22:56:23

You seem to be well organized. I just started looking for my great grandfather's service. Dennis Carroll was born in County Monaghan, Ireland and came to Nesquehoning Pennsylvania in 1840. He joined the Pennsylvania Volunteers 96 Regiment, Company F as a sergeant at their muster on Sept 23,1861. Any pointers you boys can give me in this search will be appreciated!


Wayne Thurley - 08/17/98 02:16:53

Just wanting to know the origins of THURLEYs FORD as I could use it for my THURLEY Family Research

Web Page


Don Brewster - 08/15/98 00:22:26

Interesting page! I am researching and developing history of 40th Mass. and gr. g.f. Alpheus Field. Have about 15 of his letters plus data gotten from Carlisle Barracks, Pa.


Hi my name Is Carol and I am reseaching the Following surnames : BRYANT, FORNEY, GARRETT, GIBSON, GRAY, HAIG, LUTTRELL, KOERWITZ, MOORE, PETSCHOW, SCHOENFELD, STRINE, WALTER, WOLF.email me if you share a common last name. We might be shirt tail relation. .

carol wolf britton

Carol's Web Page


I have been researching my surname (Schneider).I want as much info on Col. Frederick. I have corresponed with Don Harvey and he sent a lot on him.I have his pension records,death certificate,marriage certificate. Am still trying to more info that may lead to him maybe being relative. Have several others (George) medal of honor at battle of the crater,Frederick was a prisoner there on 7-30-64 escaped same day.

If you have more info please send

Thank You


H.F. Bohnhorst - 12/18/98 19:00:36

Descendants in the CW: Grandfather
Which unit: 101st NY REg. & 20th NY Reg of Cavalry

He is looking for any information on these 2 Regiments.

If you have information he can be contacted at E-Mail

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