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My name is Jean-Marc. I am a pretty busy man in summer but in winter I have way too much time on my hands.

I started creating this page in 1999 and have worked on it almost everyday.

Due to the time and effort I have put on this page I though that this entitled me to a few words about myself.


To make your page all I will need is your E-Mail address and all the info you would like me to put on the page.

If you wish I can do some of the research but many of the Genealogy Pages online cost money and so does getting photocopies etc. from the Archives.

Some of the information can actually be found on the web.

Within a week I can have your page for you made. I can make it happen.

There is Link Exchange and others which cost money to promote your site. I can promote the site through the Web Rings and a few other ways that are non profit. Any other way you will have to make the decision.

If all you want is information on your ancestors I can do some of the research. Any Donations for this effort would be greatly appreciated as some of the Pages I am using online are costing me aprox. 50$. This does become expensive after a while.

Thank you for listening to me bable. Hope you will visit one of my sites soon.

Your Devoted Servant

AKA Pvt Church

Pages I have Done or worked on so far.


2nd Michigan Head Quarters


Canadians in the Civil War


BSweet's Home Page


Philion Geneological Home Page


Lady of Chaos Family Page


Lady 1's Family Page (Site now Abandoned)


Civil War Geneology Page


Civil War Topic Page


Michigan and the CW


Raggman's Home Page (Site now Abandoned)


Independent History and Genealogy Researchers (IHGR)


Pagan Owl's Nest

My Pages Awards and Reviews

Order of Merit Award

Aug.4th 1998

Aug.10th 1998

Aug.23rd 1998

1999 WarrenD Award

Jan. 3rd,1999

1998 Historic Site Award

Aug.23rd 1998


August 20th 1998

March 1999

Living History

October 19th 1998

I can be contacted at my E-Mail at

You are the visitor since I installed the counter on this Page. Please enjoy.

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