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The following is a sample of articles written in the course of the past 6 years.  Criticism and dissent is always welcome.

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Sobre las presiones políticas y económicas en la UPR



My first article published electronically, written in 1997 in the aftermath of a most disagreeable incident at the University of Puerto Rico. After re-election in 1996 the NPP government (pro-statehood, unconditionally pro-American and fascist) decided to ‘take a swing’ at the few Puerto Rican institutions that were not under its control. Its coercive nature was felt not only in this state university but also the Commonwealth’s judicial branch and the Bar Association (Colegio de Abogados).  It is essentially a narrative of the events that took place on that day as well as a critique of the attitude of student organizations that took the bait by responding to obvious confrontation and intimidation tactics from the NPP’s Commissars. (In Spanish)





Una tercera lección: reflexiones sobre el antiterrorismo


Written in November 2001 in response to an article published by a columnist in a major Puerto Rican newspaper.  In this essay I endeavor to put forth the argument that the whole U.S. strategy in the war against terrorism is inadequate; that while it is understandable to seek retribution for the attacks of September 11 there must be also reflection as to why it happened.  Please note: article was updated to reflect current events. (In Spanish)






Insularismos y la Unión Europea


One of the most obvious effects of colonial isolation in Puerto Rico is ignorance, which is what the present legislature (its tenure runs from Jan. 2001 to Jan. 2005) seems to have plenty of.  In an unexplained drive to put the island on the map both, Senate President A. Faz Alzamora and House of Representatives’ leader Carlos Vizcarrondo, seem to be traveling scores lately promoting Puerto Rico’s agenda in international forums.  None of them are able to explain the benefit of, or for that matter justify, the spending of public funds for activities that seem to be fruitless, even deserving public reprimands from Governor Sila Calderón.  In this article I comment at length on a PR Senatorial delegation’s trip to the European Parliament in order to promote – in the words of Faz Alzamora – «Puerto Rico’s participation» in this institutional body. (October 2002 – In Spanish)











A sequel to the above article; in this short essay I criticize the attitude of Economist Milton Segarra – newly-appointed head of the Department of Economic Development and Trade – of stating the obvious. He argued at his appointment hearing at the Puerto Rican Senate that the ‘island will fall behind economically’ if we do not insert ourselves in the global economy. A bold statement from someone who hasn’t got the slightest idea. Segarra speaks of isolation as if it occurred as a spontaneous phenomenon, when indeed colonialism has kept us isolated for the last century of American domination in Puerto Rico. But still, this does not mean globalization has not arrived in the island; one only has to look at the wide array of business interests gathered to take advantage of opportunities in Latin America and Europe. Nevertheless, small business and tourism are just two areas that have been affected by the narrow vision of this and previous administrations.  What is wrong is the incompetent men and women of our legislature that cannot look beyond their partisan myopia to work for the collective good; an ill that, apparently has spread to the officials of the Puerto Rican Executive. (February 2003 – In Spanish)



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