"You must be one of only several devotees world wide who are totally stupid enough to believe in the theory of evolution."

Hare Krishna

Many of us are in denial about our ape ancestry. We are upset to find apes in our family tree. But we should not be ashamed of our ancestors just because they were apes. They must have been open to new ideas and new ways of doing things, or we wouldn't be here. They did a good job, and we should be very proud of them. Now it is time for us to earn their pride. Let use use our God given gift; our minds and our God approved free will to do the right thing.

What if we could start our own education system where children and adults could learn the truth, where the teachers could speak the truth when asked about science and the physical origins of our material bodies?

We have had some good, positive reforms in our movement, such as stopping the sending of our kids to the abusive boarding schools. What if we could reform our false scientific theories, and publicly recognize the truth, that evolution is a fact and we evolved from apes?

How can we preach Krishna consciousness to the public and expect them to believe that we are speaking the truth about the nature of God and the soul if we at the same time we promote false theories about the material universe? The people we try to preach to often end up thinking that we are just trying to brainwash them into a mundane belief system. How can we expect people to change their entire view of reality if we refuse to correct a few simple, obvious, easily corrected factual errors?

Shouldn't we go through the pain and confusion of correcting our societies mistakes, not just pass the problem onto the next generation? Do we want our kids to have to struggle with this problem, just because we couldn't face it? Do we think it's going to be any easier to fix 20 years from now? Do we want some of our children to assume that our religion is false, just because of a few simple, obvious, easily corrected factual errors?

Many devotees have grown beyond forced, materialistic interpretations, but progress has been painfully slow so far. Our movement is only just now admitting that the sun is farther away from the earth than the moon is. There are now devotees speaking out publicly against our movements bizarre claim that the moon landing was a hoax.

Come on, devotees, we can do it! We can use this issue to mature as a movement, to admit that we make mistakes and are not always right, but that's ok because when we see we are wrong, we don't just go on decade after decade saying the same thing and doing nothing to fix the problem.

People 300 years ago would have given anything to be able know what we know about science, and to have modern technology and medicine reduce misery to a fraction of what it was. Many people worked their whole lives to find out the truth about where we come from. We can't really want to just throw it all away and go back to the dark ages.

Krishna is the absolute truth. Let us do what we all really want to do; serve Krishna by promoting the truth.

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Hare Krishna