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Quote from Charles Dicken's Nicholas Nickelby

This is the Science Resources Page. It provides links to websites that refute some of the falsehoods that belief in which is sometimes mistakenly thought to be a prerequisite to being a devotee.

Forbidden Archeology is a giant book thats lists "evidence" that modern humans have been around for millions of years. It is sort of the bible of Iskcons brand of creationism. This is the home page of Michael Cremo, one of the 2 authors of "Forbidden Archeology".

This is a good review of Forbidden Archaeology, by a scientist. Here is another good review of Forbidden Archeology by the the talk.origins news group people. Here is a good review of "Hidden History of the Human Race", the abridged edition of Forbidden Archaeology.

My favorite piece of "evidence" that Forbidden Archaeology presents is the case of the the South African Spheres. Here is an article that claims; "In the absence of a satisfactory natural explanation, the evidence is somewhat mysterious, leaving open the possibility that the South African grooved sphere--found in a mineral deposit 2.8 billion (2,800,000,000) years old--was made by an intelligent being." And this article from talk.origins successfully refutes that.

It is Dec 19 2001 as I write this: I am pleased to anounce that Mikey Brass has written a book, due to be released within the year 2002, refuting the claims made by Cremo and Thompson. This is the main page of his website. This is the page about his book.

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