This is me...

My name is Marty, I am 44 years old, and I freely admit my age and my inability to keep hair on my head. I live in Delaware with my wife and two darling children ("Darling" is of course when they are not trying to kill each other).

I have been cruising the internet since January of '96 and the bug has infected me. I am severely addicted to IRC Chat and you can find me in a room started by a friend, Candy, and myself. It is on with various servers including, or any one of their associated servers. Named #INNERCIRCLE, it's a quiet place for a body to relax and chat with friends. I dont do pseudonyms , so you will see me there as simply marty.

I work for a major Railroad as their Clearance Engineer and have been Equipment Engineer, Engineer of Track Production and Project Engineer for track construction projects including design mods, interlocking rebuilds, and track renewal. In years past I have worked in heavy industry maintenance, sailed as a merchant seaman, and worked in various automotive repair facilities including racing and high performance. I spent four years with Uncle Sam as a Navy Engineman, and did consulting and private work on the boston waterfront in heavy marine diesel repair.

I presently dabble, as you can see, in HTML and webpage designs. So far i have designed and applied numerous personal pages for people, and have had one commercial site published. I also play with Linux so as to make my internet life a bit easier with its networking goodies.