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Marty's '49 Ford F1 Pickup

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Start with an old relic.. strip it to the bare frame and start scrubbin and cleanin.. I figured i didnt need all that old frame so i just wacked it down by about 4 feet, then made my own extensions to replace it.
Then I added goodies like the spring perches and custom crossmember, and gathered up some old parts for the suspension.. The crossmember wasnt hard to make but the perches themselves were tough, figuring antidive angles and the such.

Those old parts clean right up too as good as new when you put your mind to it.. Well that and some fresh paint..

Now start adding all the pieces and you have a complete front suspension.. Seal it up with a bit of black acrylic enamel and it looks pretty good.
And to the back of the frame..Start with an early Ford 9" housing and add bearing ends at the right length.. weld the mess all together and add 4-link brackets... My, doesnt that look nice now.

As for sheetmetal... My wasnt THAT an education! You just go out and buy patch panels for.. oh?? they arent available? So as with everything else, I manufactured them as needed, some 26 of them on the cab alone. And yes, thats a bran new homemade floor as well. Click HERE for more sheetmetal fun...
And we have to have the bed. I started with one piece of metal with the sides broke on a 45 and cut out the sides by hand. A piece of tubing became the roll and that was attached as a unit to the custom frame. Click HERE for more on the bed..
The tailgate was a special challenge and i made it from absolute scratch... well.. not absolute as i bought the "FORD" patch panel and welded it in for the script logo. The latches are hidden and custom out of stainless and the finish is smooth in and out. Click HERE for a bit more on the tailgate...
The interior is an experience in itself. Most (including myself) have little experience in upholstery. It isn't done yet by any means but "it's getting there". Click HERE for more on the interior stuff.

Check back from time to I add more goodies......
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