Hello, fellow AHS '58 classmates.  This is Pete Meador. 

I have set up a Yahoo group for members of our class and friends from other AHS classes to stay in touch, have fun exchanging messages, trade life stories, remember classmates who are no longer with us, comfort classmates going through a difficult life passage, plan for our next reunion, and whatever anyone thinks up they would like to do.

I hope you will join us.  It is free.  Just follow the instructions below.




NOTE!!!!!!  I have not listed our group in the Yahoo Groups directory, so the only way our fellow classmates will know about this is by word of mouth and emails to our friends from our class.

Here are details about the group and instructions on how to join.

Group name: ahs58friends
Group home page:

Group email address:

Here is how to sign up for the group.

1.  Go to our group home page:

2.  Click on "Join this group."  You must have a registered Yahoo ID and password to use the group.  You cannot log into the group site and view/post messages without a Yahoo ID and password.  Current users of
Yahoo mail can use their Yahoo email email ID and password.  Otherwise, follow the prompts to register.  Note:  Even though you must create a Yahoo ID and password, you are not required to use Yahoo mail to
participate in the group.  You can use your existing email service and address.

3.  If you have never joined a Yahoo group before, you will be prompted to create a "public profile".  Yahoo requires this so that people who join groups can control the type and amount of info that group users
provide to other group members about themselves.  This is an important privacy and security feature, even though not very relevant to our group since we all know and trust each other.  (Our group is not in the
Yahoo public directory, so only ahs58friends members should know about our group.  NOTE:  It would be very helpful to other members if the "girls" from our class would indicate their maiden name when creating
the public profile so we can tell who you are. 
ALSO: Whether guy or gal, be sure to put your first and last name in your profile, because`your email address and Yahoo ID may not actually tell the rest of us who you are.

4.  There is also a procedure you must complete during the process of joining the group that filters out "web bots".  These are automated registration programs that hackers and spammers use to infiltrate groups.  This procedure assures that you are a real person, not a "web bot".

Once you have joined, you can post a message by either sending an email to the group email address above or by logging into the site and using the "Post" feature.

I hope that all who join will use this group as a means to share milestones, etc.  Maybe some will find classmates living nearby.  I hope it won't be used to share tasteless jokes and pursue political agendas, etc.  Those interested in such activities could set up sub-groups for those purposes.

Again, please be sure to ask all of our classmates with whom you have kept in touch if they know about our group.

If you have any questions or need any help joining, please email me at: