What Really Happened?

The following is a true account of what REALLY happened to James Riddle Hoffa. Forget what THEY told you. Lies, I tell you, all lies. HE IS NOT DEAD. What you are about to read may place you in grave danger if you repeat it to the WRONG people. BE CAREFUL. My life is already in danger. And as a result of posting this page I have been forced into hiding. In fact I'm renting Jimmy's old condo near Dixie Hwy in Ft. Lauderdale. It's actually pretty cute. He fixed up the den and it is a short distance to the beach.

Jimmy in Ft. Lauderdale Christmas 1995

Hoffa, Jimmy (1913-1975?), American labor leader,
who disappeared in 1975 and was believed to have
been kidnapped and murdered. But we know the
real truth don't we? That Jimmy was such a

Jimmy Hoffa was born James Riddle Hoffa in Brazil,
Indiana. His father, a coal miner, died when Jimmy
was just seven years old. Jimmy Hoffa left school
in Detroit, Michigan, and at the age of 17 began work
as a warehouseperson for the Kroger Company, where he
helped organize a strike. This for Hoffa was a turning
point. He meets Amelia Earhart and they become close friends.

Jimmy and Amelia Earhart off to ANOTHER teamsters meeting. Amelia was always there for Jimmy.

By 1933 Jimmy Hoffa was the business agent for Teamster Local 299 in Detroit, and in the early 1940s he formed and led the Michigan Conference of Teamsters. In 1952
he was elected an international vice president of the Teamsters Union, and in 1957 he became international president. October of 1959 Amelia Earhart passes away. "She was my inspiration. Noone could fake a death like her. I mean, I assume this time she is really dead, right?"

Amelia bequeaths her luggage set to Hoffa. He is so overcome with grief, for two years he refuses to look at another female pilot, which in 1933 wasn't difficult. Made of imported Italian leather this five piece set of luggage comes with a five year warranty and is guaranteed to NOT GET LOST.

Amelia Earhart's Luggage

Jimmy Hoffa earned a reputation among his peers as a tough and effective bargainer. In 1964 he negotiated the union's first national contract with trucking
companies. Under his leadership the Teamsters Union membership grew to more than two million.

Beginning in 1957, Jimmy Hoffa was the subject of many government investigations and prosecutions which ultimately led to his imprisonment in 1967.

He was sentenced to 13 years in Federal Prison at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania for jury tampering, pension fund fraud, and conspiracy.

While away Jimmy formed I'M OK GREETINGS

Hoffa would not give up his seat as President of the Teamsters and has to this day had the
support of most Union Members. Of course there are a few bad apples who wish Jimmy Hoffa would just disappear. But Jimmy turns the tables on them

While in prison Hoffa is granted several weekend furloughs allowing him to appear on the television series "The Brady Bunch". In 1970 in an interview with TV Guide Hoffa said "I loved those kids. I love acting and intend to pursue it as a career someday. The kids were fascinated with Jimmy's Teamster stories.

Jimmy with Brady Kids in 1970. Christopher Knight "How many times did you have to beat the scabs with the baseball bat?"

President Richard "Fitzsimmons Up The Ass" Nixon commuted Jimmy Hoffa's sentence and he left Lewisburg December 24, 1971, with the agreement
that he would refrain from union activities. Jimmy travels to Great Britain where he studies Shakespeare in Stratford-On-Avon and attends acting workshops taught by Sir Ralph Richardson and Peggy Ashcroft. He is fascinated by Bertolt Brecht and finds Ibsen to be misunderstood and contrived. He returns to Detroit in the Summer of 1973 and opens his own acting school. Attendance at his workshops is mandatory for all teamsters and he only grades on a curve.

Filling in for Peter Graves on Mission Impossible.

Hoffa loses the part of Vito Corleone in Godfather to Marlon Brando. Feeling rejected he fills in for Peter Graves on televisions "Mission Impossible" but only for 3 episodes. Producer Joe Ubustmybals said "The guy was great. A true Thespian, but we argued constantly over the scripts. Jimmy Hoffa is a trained Shakespearean Actor who takes his craft seriously, and was always directing the other actors. It got ugly."
He develops a close bond with Leonard Nimoy, who years later would help Jimmy Hoffa go into hiding .

In July of 1975 Jimmy Hoffa disappeared (supposedly). He was last seen at the
Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

In 1979 he moves to Rialto, California. He is a nice neighbour and our family gleefully embraces him. Hollywood is only an hour away so he tries resumes his career as an actor. He places a paper bag over his head and begins making television appearances on the Gong Show and works the Comedy club circuit as the "Unknown Comic". He had everyone fooled. Including himself.

Nanci:"Hush up. Here he comes. OH HI Mr. Hoffa, I mean Mr. Jones." Jimmy:"Hi ya kids, do you mind if I'm in the picture?"

During the actors strike of 1980 Hoffa works shopping malls and birthday parties, always passing out Teamsters pamphlets and walking the picket lines. He attends Union Negotiations disquised as the Easter bunny.

Union Officials begin to get suspicious when Hoffa forgets to wear his costume.

Union Official:" You look like Jimmy Hoffa." Hoffa:"Yeah, I get that all the time. Never heard of him. Now get on with the meetin' here."

James Hoffa is declared legally dead in 1983

In 1989 Jimmy auditions for "Goodfellas" but Scorsese feels he is too old for the part. It was at this time close friends and family notice that Jimmy is getting careless about hiding his identity.

Once again he's back doing birthdays and bar mitzvahs

Jimmy works as a grip (Local 80) on NBC's "Lady Blue". That's me in the middle. Everyone loved Jimmy. Especially the Teamsters. His favorite joke was this one: "Did you hear about the driver (Local 399) who died? They had to wake up all the other drivers just to see who it was." That Hoffa was such a cut up!

Hoffa:"So how do you know when a teamster driver dies? He drops his donut."

What a coincidence! in 1990 I worked with Jimmy again on NBC's "Down Home" at Paramount. He was a gifted Best Boy/Electrician and worked part-time in the green room on Stage 27 making BOOK on the ponies at Santa Anita and Del Mar . Unfortunately for me he was still telling the same Local 399 jokes.

Hoffa:"Nanci whaddya get when you mix a grip from Local 80 with an Electrician from Local 710?" Nanci: "Not now Jimmy. Just smile for the picture."

Upset because people don't believe he really is Jimmy Hoffa he turns to the only one who understands his loneliness, actor Christian Slater. The star of "Mobsters" and "Robin Hood" becomes a sort of surrogate son to Jimmy. When Chris asks Hoffa about his real son Jimmy Hoffa Jr. who is on Television running for President of the Teamsters, Hoffa shouts, "Oh my God. Turn it up. That's my son!"

Slater: "I can't believe you had a son who is now president of the Teamsters and his name is the same as yours and you never told me." Hoffa: "I know huh! I guess it just slipped my mind. How's the Ossa Boca?"

Feeling bad about rejecting Hoffa years earlier, Marty Scorsese gives him another chance on "Casino". It doesn't work out. Hoffa again tries to direct the other actors.

DeNiro:"For the last time, Marty is the director."

They all part on good terms, but not before Jimmy works as an Extra in several of the scenes shot in the Casino.

Pesci: "For the last time Jimmy, stop lookin' at the camera. We're gonna be here all friggin' night if this fruitcake doesn't stop."

Depp:"This Jimmy guy looks familar. Like a missing presumed dead teamster boss."

Jimmy works as an EXTRA on Donnie Brasco. Again he is directing Pacino, but Pacino loves him and slowly Jimmy takes over the entire show. "Not since Lee Stasberg has someone given me so much insight into a part. Hoffa is a truly gifted man." Johnny Depp kept saying "He's a fugazy. He's a fugazy." After shooting finished Hoffa and Pacino put Depp in the hospital after beating him severely at the wrap party. It was brutal.

At the Wrap party. "Where's Johnny Deepshit?"

Jimmy goes back to working Birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs. He remains in hiding but manages to score some season tickets to the Giants games in the Fall of 1998.

Click here to hear Jimmy sing

Jimmy receives a call from Carl Joy at Central Casting and is back at NBC standing in for David Spade. The cast laughs behind his back because Jimmy actually thinks he is IN the NBC comedy "Just Shoot Me".

The cast seen here pointing at and humiliating Hoffa. The horror of it all is shameful and costs the cast members a Golden Globe award. George Segal feels sorry for Hoffa and invites him to live in his garage in Malibu.

When the first season of "Just Shoot Me" airs Hoffa is devasted to learn he was never actually filmed. He attempts to go into hiding but remembers that he already is in hiding.

Jimmy gives advice to Robert Blake

Jimmy signing autographs for Homeless people.

Jimmy appears in HBO's THE SOPRANOS as an extra regularly. The Crew and Cast love him dearly and hearing is tales of teamster life is capitivating during lunch breaks. Being back in New York and New Jersey proves difficult for Hoffa. It stirs alot of memories but at least he is closer to Giant stadium.

my Jimmy in the picture with the cast of SOPRANOS

Christmas 1983 I stayed with the Hoffa's in an undisclosed location. The Mrs. read my "Hoffa What really Happened" transcripts. They loved it. Mrs. Hoffa is an incredible hostest and cook. Her Ossa Boca is to die for!

Mrs. Hoffa: "Nanci you should post this on the Web. Just don't use Jimmy's real name." Nanci:"Good thinking Mrs. "H".

Jimmy's daughter is a judge in St. Louis, Missouri who has been after the State Department and other federal agencies to release transcripts and evidence of what really happened to her father. NOONE will accomodate her. Believe that? AND SHE'S A JUDGE! I advised her to just hang up and go on 20/20 or 60 minutes.

Daughter:"I think these guys are giving me the run-around." Nanci:"Just hang up and call Diane Sawyer or Geraldo. Is there anymore Ossa Boca?"

Hoffa arresting Salvatore Gravano

Hoffa moves to Mesa Arizona and lives in a modest apartment on University Drive . He becomes friends with Jimmy Moran, a pool contractor. Moran advises Hoffa to see a plastic surgeon and recommends his doctor. Hoffa is reluctant and in February 2000 Hoffa takes a part time job as a police officer. A week later Hoffa arrests Jimmy Moran for Drug Trafficking. Jimmy Moran turns out to be Salvatore Gravano, famous underworld Turncoat. He was in Witness Protection. How Ironic that Hoffa's moonlighting as a policeman would lead him to arrest another man also in hiding. The irony is too much for Jimmy to bear. This picture was splashed in newspapers all over the world, forcing Jimmy to go further into hiding.

March of 2000 Jimmy Hoffa has gone back to doing Birthday Partys and Bar Mitzahs. He fills in occasionally playing Uncle Vito in the hit comedy "Who Whacked Uncle Vito".

In 2001 I was forced into hiding after posting this web page. Jimmy and the Mrs. graciously handed over the keys to their beach house in Ft. Lauderdale. It's nice. I hang out at Stans and Pier 5 near the racetrack. But don't tell anyone OK?

Jimmy:"The Mrs. just re-did the den in Early American. Wait'll you see the drapes depicting scenes from Colonial America." Nanci:"Don't tell me she's mixing her medications again?"

WARNING: If you do see Jimmy Hoffa.....Don't Let On. Pretend you never heard of Jimmy Hoffa. Just nod and say "Hey you look like that EXTRA guy who worked on Sopranos" You will make his day.

Rest in Peace 1919- 2/23/2001


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