Websites of Interest to Doctoral Candidates
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Date: Jun 10 1997 8:27PM
Author: Dee Camp-White

More dissertation-related sites:

Dissertation Explorer: UMI publishes and archives dissertations and theses, sells copies on demand, and maintains the definitive bibliographic record for over 1.4 million doctoral dissertations and master's theses.


Date: Jun 19 1997 7:58PM
Author: Harold Henke

A website that provides a database of dissertation abstracts for educational technology, such as computer based training. The site is very useful as there are tools for searching, such as buttons that let you select student, keyword, institution, chairperson, and year.

Along one side is a scollable menu bar that you can select topics from, such as computer based training. This selection takes you to the abstract or you can simply shift through all the abstracts, by year, or institution. (Nova is not represented, boo.).

The website is hosted by the University of Northern Colorado, which is known around these parts as a good "teachers college". (Also have the best division 1-A football team in America.)

The website is:

The website name is: Doctoral Research in Educational Technology, A Directory of Dissertations, 1977 - 1996.

Harold in Boulder, down the road from University of Northern Colorado and up the road from the University of Colorado.


Date: Nov 19 1997 10:34PM
Author: Kirk McCullough

Academic Speed Bumps: Time to completion of the dissertation is a Ph D dissertation by Pinson, C. Available at Awareness of the factors she found important in long times to complete may help us circumvent their effects (I hope!)


Date: Feb 8 1998 8:30PM
Author: Dee Camp-White

Several students in the dissertation phase have posted their work to date on the Web. It is helpful to see how the work develops over time. Here are the links:

Carole Wilkinson (Advisor: Dr.Abramson)

Mary Ruth Hicks (Advisor: Dr.Terrell)

Peter Raeth (Advisor: Dr Cannady)

Mike Signor (Advisor: Dr Dringus)

Martha Snyder

Maria Rodrigo

Thanks to Bunny Howard for sharing this information!