This is the gallery of pottery and ceramics made by Peter Stephens.

WELCOME ようこそ、こんにちは
In the beginning the most important feature of this site was the pottery and ceramics which were made by the artist at some of Japan's historical pottery centers during the period 1999-2001. Since then it has been changing to include articles about pottery and the thinking behind pottery. Also included are photographs about Japan. The visitor to the site can hope to have some food for thought about pottery and it's place in the home and in the art and craft scene.

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Gallery One

Gallery Two

Gallery Three

Gallery Four

Photos from Japan Gallery.

Photos from Japan 2007 Gallery.

Notes on Kiln Firing Manual.

Notes on Kiln Firing Manual.

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    Pottery fired to approx. 1250°celsius.
    Webpage, Pottery and Photographs by Peter Stephens. Osaka, Japan, 1999 - 2001.