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Type B: [Hunters] These folk are unpredictable,
creative types who prefer to take things easy, go
their own way, and do things at their own pace. They
dislike restrictions, and don't care about social
rules and customs. They can be fickle, self-conscious,
self-centred, careless, lazy, sloppy, bossy, loud,
assertive, pushy, and indiscreet; but they also can be
talkative, social, easy to get along with, friendly,
whimsical, candid, forthright, charismatic, outgoing,
kind, caring, optimistic, cheerful, curious, and
adventurous. They often strive for harmony in their
relationships; whether they actually attain it is
another matter entirely. They get interested in new
things quickly, but they also usually have too many
interests and hobbies; they can get excited about
something all of a sudden, then drop it just as
suddenly. They seek out attention, as they often feel
His smile can definitely melt our hearts...
Type O: [Warriors] The members of this group are
natural leaders and diplomats, with a strong sense of
purpose and something of an authoritarian streak.
They're good at organizing activities, and they're
energetic, athletic, independent, durable, resolute,
decisive, strong-willed, forthright, ambitious,
motivated, driven, positive, honest, expressive,
romantic, emotional, generous, big-hearted, popular,
easy-going, and lovable; but they can also be
idealistic, proud, selfish, stubborn, self-centred,
judgmental, controlling, and arrogant. They're
open-minded, tolerant, and accepting of new things.
They appear to be level-headed, but will sometimes
slip and make mistakes. They're insecure, which can
lead to jealousy. They don't like being subordinate to
anyone, and are great risk takers with strong survival
instincts. They can be easily influenced by those
around them. They're not afraid to take matters into
their own hands. (This is the most common blood type
in the USA and anywhere else  in the world/known as the international blood type)
Blood types Pete could possibly be(and people with this blood types are...):
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Peter for being a Dog(and people who is born under this sign are...):

The dog person is loyal, sincere, honest, and faithful. Dogs tend to be serious people who complain and worry, but they mellow with age. Dogs are honorable and speak out against injustice.

When rubbed the wrong way, dog people can be defensive and picky, but generally are agreeable companions. However, when panicked, a dog can turn nasty and bark until tired. Dogs can keep a secret, respect traditions, and enjoy helping others. Although never the life of a party, dogs are intelligent, caring, and good listeners.

In relationships, the dog person is the giver and the partner is the taker. The best partner for a dog is a horse, tiger, or pig. Relationships with a rabbit, rat, snake, or monkey will work ok. Relationships with an ox, dragon, sheep, rooster, or another dog are possible, but difficult.
Peter for being a Scorpio(and people who is born under this sign are...):

Scorpio Men: Love is very important to you. You don't feel complete without a woman by your side--you have a strong desire to be united with a "soulmate," to be intimate and share your life. Your kind of woman immediately responds to you emotionally and intuitively understands your intense feelings. She sees through your mysterious aura and reciprocates your loyal devotion, inspiring so much trust you can bare your soul to her. And you amaze her with your warrior-like quiet strength, uncanny insights and deep understanding of her emotional needs.

Are you Interested in a Scorpio Person?
If you have ever met someone that you found irresistible from the moment you met, it was probably a Scorpio. They are fascinating and have an air of mystery about them, although what you see on the surface is only what they want you to see. They may appear direct and just a bit forceful, but underneath they are vulnerable and sensitive. Scorpions take love very seriously and are searching for admiration from a partner. Getting a date with a Scorpio is easier than forming a long term relationship with them. You will probably have no trouble seducing them, however if you are looking for an extended relationship, that is a little harder.
   Although the Scorpion can appear at times to be a loner, it is a deception that guards them against being hurt as they tend to wound easily. Once they commit to a long term relationship, the Scorpion will be a faithful mate providing both financial security and dependability. Plan a day at the beach, a social affair, or do something recreational as they enjoy places where they can associate with other people. They appreciate being listened to and want to know that they have your complete undivided attention. Although it is hard to get into an argument with someone born under this sign, if you become insistent and disrespectful toward them, it will happen.They also hate to be dominated along with being taken for granted.
   Keep in mind that the Scorpion can be extremely jealous and protective of the person they choose to spend their life with. They seek someone generous, loving and affectionate who will provide them with a feeling of security. In return they will provide plenty of passion, affection, and complete devotion in the relationship. They will always take your feelings into consideration and have a great deal of energy when it comes to passion.
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