!Pete Just-4-Fun #1 Section!
At last I have the guts to do probably this silly thing*lol*. Anyway,got this idea from that famous thing which every Rurouni Kenshin sites have:"You know you watch too much Rurouni Kenshin when..."! I sorta twist it a bit and change it for Pete^^. For RGB's,it's at my official RGB "Other Site". I think this would be fun^^. Anyway,I hope you won't mind checking this thing out for fun...*sigh*...I just can't bare to not do this even though it's(checks time):12.40 a.m*boff*!

You KNOW you're totally obsessed with Pete when...

1. You think you are Peter/he's sister/girlfriend/wife.
2. You have a "thing" for Peter. (hehehe)
3. (If you're a guy) You have a thing for his flirtyness*lol*..
4. Screw that, you ARE Peter/his wife!
5. You run around with a bag pack and a water gun pretending that you're ghost-busting.
6. You swear your sir name is Venkman.
7. You adore brown and green uniforms. ^_~
8. You always have to keep that gel you put on your hair to look like Pete's even if your mother tells you to wash it off a month or two ago.
9. You went all the way to New York just to see the firehouse or meet him even though you never can!
10. You are studying at the Columbia University.
11. You worship Peter as a God. (HAHAHA!)
12. You dyed your hair brown to see how good it looked.
13. Afterwards you realize it looks so horrible and attempt to wash it out finding it won't come out.
14. Of course you don't really care cause it makes you one step closer to looking like our idol. ^_^
15. You don't care how "Garfield"~like Peter's voice sounds.
16. You swear your voice is exactly like Peter's.
17. You find yourself yelling "SLIME BALL!" at everyone that makes you angry.
18. Your little brother suddenly reminds you of Slimer.
19. You always wink at people and call them "Qimusabi" even though no one has any idea what you mean.
20. You run a Peter Venkman fan site. (looks around innocently)
21. After starting a Peter Venkman fan site you decide it's not enough and start a Peter Venkman fanfiction archive or a mania community like I did. (looks around again.)
23. Your nickname is Venk-Man. (My nicknames went from Melissa >> Venkmanlover>> Pheobe >> Pheobe Button >> Pheobe Venkman) ^_~
24. You adore men with wavy brown hair like Peter's.
25. You don't mind men who still cherish train models and sleep all day long.
26. You adore little kids that know how interesting Valentine's Day is.
27. You despise being called "Egg-head" or "Peter Pan".
28. You've recorded every single RGB episode even if it's sorta jerky(except 2nd season & so on)for you knew that Peter must be in it!
29. You decided recordings weren't good enough so went out to buy the original/good quality VHSs even though the entire series totally busted your wallet rendering you broke for the latter part of the summer. -_-
30. Aftewards you decided that the action figures/Marvel comics were calling your name and went out to buy those.
31. Not to mention you went into negative numbers on the $$$ scale.
32. That's okay, cause you have your Peter toy figure/comic covers. (drools over it and rubs face against covers/toys).
33. You treasure those stuff by putting it behind glass covers and only using gloved hands to manipulate them. (Okay, so I don't do this... but...:p)
34. The mere sight of something green or brown cheers you up.
35. You collect every little darn thing you see while shopping that so much as reminds you of Peter. (yes, I do this)*lol*...
36. After much consideration, you decide that the choice between Dana and Janine doesn't matter anymore. PETER IS YOURS!!!
37. You make witty and funny jokes more than him*giggle*.
38. You have that Peter style of "screaming"(a.k.a screams double times or like "Yiiikes!").
39. You admit that you are obsessed. Yes, you are. C'mon and nod your heads with me.
40. Peter Venkmanism is a religion.
41. You are the founder of Venkmanism.
42. You notice you are the only member of Venkmanism, but don't give a dang.(don't do this,it's only a matter of speech unless you really have no religion*lol*).
43. You take psychology or parasychology lessons to match up with Pete's PhD.
44. Keep styling or comb your hair and make it neat! You'll look great soon! ^_^
45. You're the idiot that stayed up half the night writing this.
46. You think all real guys are imperfect and can never measure up to the super god-like status that is THE VENKMAN!
48. You agonize that you didn't think to buy www.ilovepetervenkman.com. T_T
49. You have a friend nicknamed Egg-head. (seriously)
50. You have another friend nicknamed Sugar Ray. (and I mean really).
51. You don't date a guy unless he looks good in a uniform like Pete's colors. *LOL*
52. I was kidding about that one ya know. ^_~
53. If you met Lorenzo Music if possible but the chance is definitely 0% since he's no longer in this world with us*sob*(unless you're somehow in the afterlife/heaven and get to bump into him^^) you would break down crying like some giddy school girl that gets to meet N'Sync. (Shutters at the thought)
54. You almost cry all day and night after knowing that our beloved Lorenzo who cast our Pete's voice is gone and that you tried to search everywhere,anywhere in the U.S to look for his tombstone and just to pay a visit and whisper how talent and unique his voice is. And adding flowers or fan letters infront of it. :(
55. You sworn that you will find Lorenzo Music's soul in the afterlife/heaven no matter what!
56. You have no great love for Dave Coulier & if you ever see his pics or stuff,you'll keep kicking it or trash it in the garbage bin or...(whoah...now I think that was sort of cruel..)
57. You specially made a complete Ghostbuster suit and equipment to wear it on Halloween,or maybe wear it anytime and anywhere besides that day^^. You don't care what people say for you say that Peter would be proud of you*lol*!
58. Thou shalt not think of anyone besides "THE" Peter.
59. Real men are all JERKS!
60. Well, all of them except for that 0.01% percent of perfect males.
61. Where is my dang Peter Venkman art...?
62. You crazily search for any Pete pics which is available on the net or anywhere no matter what(especially when he's shirtless).^_~
63. Lied to your friends that you have a boyfriend who's exactly like Peter.
64. I mean,you lied to your friends that your boyfriend IS Peter.
65. You create a Peter Venkman Soundtrack album not knowing whether you'll get sue from SONY or Columbia Pictures or DIC*gulp*.
66. Boy,you must be really hardworking to read all of this articles I wrote. I don't know how you take it,I think I can go *oro*! Anyway,as long as it's about Pete,we never give up or get tired*grin*.
67. You hope that maybe the creator of Spiderman would name the hero behind Spiderman "Peter Venkman" instead of "Peter Parker"^^.

Wow! Did I just did that whole 67 effects that can hit us if we're crazy for Pete? This is really too long,no da! Ok,that's it! I think that's enough though I can add at least a hundred more. Man,this at least almost take the whole space of this site*boff*! Sorry.(check time):1.50 a.m*oro*!!!

BTW:Sorry if this is sort of offensive or cruel*boff*. I know,it's not originaly done by me(only 10% or so).It's mostly taken from a RK site but I twist it a little. Maybe when I have the real time,I'll add my real ones here but right now,I'm really *boff*. Gomen. *hint hint*Can you guess which one is mine*grin*?
You know you're obsessed with Pete Venkman when...
This fun thingies doesn't have to be all done by me,no da! If you think you got some running in your mind right now and would like to add your ideas here,please mail me! I'll give you credit^_~.