!Just-4-Fun # 2!
The Match Making Thingies*lol*!!!
This is just for FUN^_^. Since I looked through & know alot of ladies out there,I think this women should be with Peter(since I don't think I can have him all for me-that's not fair,you know?-,I think I should let Peter decide which woman he wants to love for life. you know,it's just that I can't just let Peter being single or a bachelor for his entire life,he need a woman to love or get love from,for god sake! I actually feel very happy for him if he has his true love. love is like that-you would feel happy too if your love one is happy*sigh*. Oh,Peter-sama... *cough*Anyway,I don't mean to say that he MUST get a woman now! It's just my opinion or view on which women here is suitable for Petey^^.
Will any guy love me?
  Megumi Takani would be the first choice(since Peter prefers elderly ladies). She's a lonely & talented doctor. Well,a doctor for medicine,not psychology*lol*. She lost her family and she was taken in by Kenshin in the Kamiya Dojo. She looks soft and gentle but if you get to know her well---*oro*---she's a foxy-lady! She's sorta sly as a fox and can never stop quirreling with Sano and fight with Kaoru for Ken-san. But she does that to enjoy herself and have fun since no one wants her(she's 22...hmm...29...no! what was her age again?)and that she always feel left out. She have long dark green hair(like Setsuna's but hers is pale-ir(?)a bit)which she likes to let it go instead of tying it up. She looks so pale(same colour as Peter's skin^^). She's 5' 3'' or more and that her trademark laugh is "Ahohohoho!!!"[Japanese]. As for the English version,her laugh is like a soft giggle. I think her voice is sexy*oro*. Wait! I think I remember her age...in the RK show it's 22,then 29,her birthdate is---oh,no!---she is~*Megumi shuts my mouth* *Me:Megumi,where did you come from?*~Oro!!! Big,big oro! She's born in 18-*Megumi glare at me fiercely* *I got a shiver back my bone*-Ahhhhhh!!!!! She IS way far older than Peter*oro*. Is she's still ali-*ORO?*! I think that's all for her info,thank you^_^.
  Kamatari Honjo is a pretty swordsman who desperately needs love! I don't think she have any remaining family members and that I think she was brought up alone*boff*. She has dark purple hair with red eyes(? not sure since the animators like to change it's colours). She have sexy figure^^. I think her voice is sexy too*lol*. Not sure of the Japanese version but the English one is! She's a member of the Juupon Gatana,who uses the sytche along with a chain and a small ball attach to it and two sharp points at the end of her stick*weird*to fight. I think she acts a bit like Megumi. She's 29 years old or older. Unfortunately she's---wait a minute! what in the world did I just typed? no!!!!!!!---I forgot that Kamatari is a---*Kama:Say a word about that about me and I'll have your head!* *Me:*gulp*Wha-?*---no! I'm so baka! Why did I even put Kama in the list? *Kama:Am I sexy or what?* *Me:Be quiet,Kamatari or I'll  tell Pete the whole story!**banging head on the keyboard*{Why...*bang*...did...*bang*...I...*bang*...do...*last bang*...this???? Oro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}
Peter! No! Forget that Kamatari even exist ok?
*Peter:Why?* *giving notes* *Peter:*face turning blue*What did you just say???* *nods*I'm so sorry,Peter-sama. *sob* *Kama:I told you not to say a word,kid!* *Me:I didn't! I wrote to him instead of talking,what's wrong with that?* *Kama:Errrrrr......why you?* "Oh,Misao??" *Kama:Ok,ok! I'll just mind my own business and pretend this never happen*though I would love to get Peter's attetion**sob**
Makoto Kino is a high school(or did she already reach college yet?)bishoujo. She's-yup!-Sailor Jupiter*oro*. Her parents had a tragic plane crash and she's afraid of airplanes. She used to be a tough kid who always gets into fights during her grade school. That's why she was shifted to Usagi's school. She have no friends until she met Usagi^^. She's like a tom boy,has super strenght ability(she can even carry a man while ice-skating*oro*)and is very active in school sports. She's 5' 5'' and she have green eyes(like Peter's)and brown hair. Although she looks tough to you,but her real side is like a fair lady type*lol*. She loves to cook,do household works(she was brought up by herself),read romance novels and do alot of things a girl could do^^. The problem is that she needs love! She seems to mention about her ex-boyfriend/senpai all the time(like Pete with his mother*lol*)although they no longer see each other,broke up or other possibility. She's boy crazy(like Pete is girl crazy*lol*)and that she's very sensitive to love. She would do anything for her friends and love ones even if she have to loose her life or end up in wounds. But I'm not sure whether Pete would really go for her. She is alot younger than Pete. But age doesn't count,right? As long as you get to get along well,right? *Me:Peter,are you concentrating hard on this info or on her transformation?* *Peter:Aaa...can I say both?* *Me:*boff*I think I should remove this pic and replace it with another one,shall I?* *Peter:*sweats*Sure...why not? *phew*That was close! This pic is cool^^..* *Me:PETER!* *Peter:Sorry!*
Ok! I will cut jerky moments! *coughing*This is Setsuna a.k.a Sailor Pluto. She have long green hair which tied with a small bun on top and have maroon/red eyes. If I'm not wrong,she's 5' 7'' or more and that she's a doctor(or was it a scientist?). She's also another first choice for Peter because she's like a serious woman like Doris(remember Pete's date with her in "A Hard Knight's Day"). I don't know much of her character since she's just some side characters like Tomoe and Three Lights.  Sorry! That's all for her now. *hint hint*Here's a chance for you to know her more,Pete^_~! Go talk to her!
I think it's not fair only place the Japanese ladies here. Ok! Here's the others:

Well,sorry about that. I don't think I have time to review other ladies besides from Anime*boff* but I'll be sure to get this done when I really have the time,ok? Thanks! 'Til then. Check back out soon^_~. Say,among those Anime ladies above,which one do you think is suitable for Pete? I'll probably say it's Megumi. *Me:Well,if you really want her,Sano. Go for it!* *Sano:...*
Note:I am guy crazy^_~!
Ai Bishounen!!!*day-dreaming*
What am I doing in this kind of place? Hmm...Pheobe-chan!!!
Brief profiles about the listed ladies(go through 'em first & then see their common with Petey below...):
More updates soon^_^'!

BTW:You got some idea on which animated ladies you know who sorta are suitable for Pete? Mail me and I'll give you credit if I use it here^_~.