Farewell,Lorenzo Music...

Dear Ghostbusters/Venkman fans,
   This month,August,had been a sad month for us for our fave beloved voice-caster of Dr. Peter Venkman(the original:1987-1988),Garfield and Tubi had rested in peace*sob*.
   It is said that he died of bone cancer. I hope his wife and children are alright. I know,it is hard to accept that one of  the most talented voice-caster is no longer with us in this world anymore so I suggested that we should just hope that he's okay in the '
Other World' now.
   May he rest in peace*sob*. I think this is a good way to treasure Lorenzo's memories...*sigh*
In memory of Lorenzo Music
A great voice-caster,writer,composer
Goodbye,Lorenzo,I know we'll all miss you...
I can't believe it...
Egon:Don't worry,Peter. I know it's hard to know..