Trimaran Aircraft Carrier

The above sketches are layouts for a trimaran aircraft carrier. The hullform is one of one large central hull with two smaller outer hulls. The main benefit of this layout is much greater deck space.

With such large amounts of deckspace it is possible to have two separate runways, one for takeoff and one for landing. Of course it is possible to use both runways for landing or takeoff if desired.

One thing of note is that the large deckspace also allows a large hangar below decks. Thus logic suggests that the number of aircraft stored on deck could be reduced. With parallel runways there is really no need to have the runway angled. There remains the possibility that the takeoff runway could be used for its entire length for non catapult assisted takeoffs. In this configuration there would still be an entire runway clear for landings, and a degree to aircraft deck storage as well.

The above sketches show a large layout and a more modest layout. The larger carrier would appear to have a lot of excess deckspace. No doubt a thorough review could determine parameters such as ideal runway widths and lengths. The one deck hangar under the flightdeck would extend into the outriggers, giving much more space than conventional aircraft carrier hangars.