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The probability conference in Prague was my first mathematical conference in life. I was giving a talk Locally Optimal Tests for multivariate parameter with order-restricted alternatives.

The train Moscow-Prague. The territory of Poland. There are too many freight trains with wood from Russia there.

My father Andrey Novikov in the embankment of the Vltava River. The Dancing House behind.

Vltava River, Charles Bridge

No comment :)

My father and his fellow Mexican mathematicians Raul and Daniel

and myself :)

Dr. Pranab Kumar Sen telling me, verbatim: 'We enjoyed your talk.' It was really nice to hear that.

But... Technically, Matrushka is not Communist.

A Russian guy and a Chinese girl finding themselves quite comfortable in the Residence of the Mayor of Prague... exactly the day 38 years since Soviet troops invaded Czechoslovakia.

En route to the hotel. Definitely, Wei was the most beautiful girl in the whole city of Prague!

Next morning, I and Wei going to the conference site by subway. Prague subway is the same as in Moscow, except that it's not so crowded.

And they have these cute trams, and you don't need to pay extra if you want to change from subway to tram.

Oh, why are they letting cars run over the rails?!

Charles Bridge in the morning. All tourists are sleeping. My path from the hotel to the university lay exactly through the Charles Bridge.

They gave us this delicious food in the university restaurant.

The embankment of the Vltava River, Charles Bridge and the Castle of Prague.

My father giving a talk on... whatever... That's what the insides of the Charles University are like.

I was pleased to find out Prague has tall buildings, too. Picture taken from a window of a commuter train, from the second floor!

And that's what this train looks like. Station Karlstejn.

The Castle of Karlstejn. That's where King Charles lived. And, they sell commie Matrushkas as souveniers here.

And, going back home. It's the River Bug: Poland on the left bank and Belarus on the right.

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