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Last Updated:  5/1/05
We thought we would start a small website to share pictures and news with you since it seems some of you are having a hard time receiving our emails and photos.  We wanted to be sure none of you were missing out on any of our fun news!
Our hobbies and interests are fairly well known.  Ashley is our princess and acts as such!  Always in her jeep or playing barbies with her girlfriends!  She is an avid collector of anything Cinderella.  Kaleb is all boy.  Always on his bike or playing video games with his buddies!  Kaleb loves all Lord of the Rings. Eric loves playing golf, poker and watching football.  I love my scrapbooking, reading and needlepoint.
We would love to have all of you out to visit.  We recently had both of my sisters and their families out here seperately and it was awesome and fun.  We learned so much about the area that we live in and got to see some great new stuff.  We went to New York and down in to Philadelphia and even to the Crayon Factory when we were living in PA.  Please feel free to come experience Virginia with us.  We have lots around us that would be fun for all of you to see, not to mention the great time we would have spending time with you.
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