Peter Poems

Don't give me a last hug or kiss

Don't give me a last good bye

Because you're the one I will miss

How I hate it when you cry

But I'd rather see you sad than never at all

Because you know I'd make you smile

Just give me your pain and I'll take it all

Just to give you happiness for a little while

Don't give me a last hug or kiss

Don't give me a last good bye

Because I'd never let you go

I don't want to say good bye, unless I know I'll see you again

What the world needs love sweet's the only thing...there's just too...little of...


May I have this dance tonight?

May we take the dance floor here?

This is the splendid moment I've waited for all of my life

To hold you close in my arms and near

I take hold of your hand, as we get ready to dance

Time seems to stand still as the music starts

The moon light night air is filling with ambiance

Music softly travels through the air as we glide across the floor

The spot light shines on us as if the gods redirected the sun

I wish this glorious moment could last forever until the end of time

I take you in my arms and I hold you tight

We are all alone now, just you and me

As we dance together that very special night

You rest your head on my shoulder and I look and see

The most beautiful girl in the world in my arms

I wish everyday I could hold you as I do this very moment

Protect you from all of life's pains and harms

So that I can be with you in every life experience

I try to hold on to this moment for as long as I possible could

I never want to let you go

Every note is filled with my love for you

As the song ends, there's nothing I can do but fill with sorrow

Because I will never hold you as close as I did that night

Because I know I'll never experience this again

It feels like a dream that's rapidly dissipating

And all the happiness is quickly changed to pain

But all great moments must come to an end

I hold you in my arms as closely as I possibly can

The song slows into its final notes

I look up and open my eyes only to behold

The beautiful eyes and magnificent smile

I observe you dance with your wonderful style

Your warm gentleness as you hold me close

I get this feeling no one can describe and no one knows

The music dies down and the lights illuminate the dance floor

It just makes me understand that I want to love you more and more

I realize this magnificent moment is about to end

So I whisper into your ears softly, "I love you"