Challenged Companions-Historical/Victorian Awards-CLAW

CHALLENGED COMPANIONS is for those pets and animals with "special needs." Whether crippled, blind, or with a health problem of another nature, we hope to spotlight these creatures who, while they present a challenge at times, show us so much courage and determination.

Peke Avenue's own Smokey was the inspiration for this section and we are proud to know two other challenged pets. Click the link just below to read about some "special needs" animals!


Smokey is now blind and each day faces many challenges but remains a loving, spoiled buddy to his humans. Each morning we feed an outdoor visiting kitty with only three legs...we call him "Tripod" and it is amazing to watch him get around. He is as agile as any other feline. Another doggie named Lucy Brown was born with three legs and joined a family here who now cannot imagine life without her. She had to learn to climb steps and scuddle across tile floors when playing and she has mastered both with remarkable dignity and courage.

If you are blessed with the companionship of an animal with "Special Needs," send us an EMAIL and tell us about your pet or animal friend. We will add your link so others can visit and meet your pal.

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