This page is dedicated to our Mums: Featherhill Fanny and Jean's Butterscotch Carmel.
Also all responsible, loving, and caring pet owners and caregivers everywhere.

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Boomer and Lady Susitna Will be back soon to revamp the pages of their Home Away From Home --- Stay in Touch

Welcome to the Cabin Pets' home away from home. We are Boomer J. Foxworthy and Lady Susitna of Eklutna, but you may call us Boomer and Lady.

We trotted over here to start our own pages in Petsburgh. Although we will still live at Susitna Cabin we wanted to

Do something on our own --

Be free to express our talents --

Go for it! --

Just do it ! --

Get away from Mom for awhile --
(Oops!... Sorry Mom, hope it isnít dinner time).

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our pages as much as we enjoy doing them.

Scoot on in and see
* ~ OUR PAGES ~ *

We will have more coming soon.

Best of Boomer's Bytes

Lady's Doggy Cookbook Here's a sample:

Homemade Frosty Paws
1 ripe banana,
4 oz fat free yogurt - vanilla or banana flavored
2 oz water
Mix all the ingredients in a blender, pour into ice cube trays or fill about a quarter of a dixie cup and freeze.
Thanks to Corley B. Hound for sharing.

What is a Bassbeag? Come and meet the family and find out.

The Locksmith Mystery Starring that great detective Boomer J. Spade. Also featuring: Brandi, Calvin, and Booker T. Bird.

Boomer also wrote The Furkids Western which will be moved from the old location to these pages in the coming weeks.

Have you read Boomer's version of the old west? It is full of adventure and history.

A Memorial Page for Woodro.

Our Memory Page for the Prince William Sound Disaster of 24 March 1989.

A page for our Mums, Featherhill Fanny and Jean's Butterscotch Carmel.

Wild West Millennium Project Page for Petsburgh. This page was done for the 2000 Petsburgh Millennium Project. We picked the Old West because of our HuMom's home in Colorado.

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ģIditarod The Iditarod Trail Race -- The Last Great Race on Earth -- The Spirit of Alaska
In 2002, the 30th Anniversary Race ran from Anchorage thru: Eagle River - mile 20, Wasilla - mile 49, Knik - mile 63, Yentna Station - mile 115, Skwentna - mile 149, Finger Lake - mile 194, Rainy Pass - mile 224, Rohn Roadhouse - mile 272, Nikolai - mile 365, McGrath - mile 413, Takotna - mile 436, Ophir - mile 474, Cripple - mile 534, Ruby - mile 646, Galena - mile 698, Nulato - mile 750, Kaltag - mile 803, Unalakleet - mile 892, Shaktoolik - mile 932, Koyuk - mile 990, Elim - mile 1,038, Golovin - mile mile 1,066, White Mountain - mile 1,084, Safety - mile 1,139, and ended under the arch on Front Street in Nome. The race is 1,161 miles long.

The race was first run in 1973 and my children and I watched as the proud dogs moved down the race trail with their tails held high. They seemed to know that something special was starting that day. Twenty-two competitors finished the race that year. Today the race begins again with seventy-three listed starters of all ages and walks of life, each excited about the race to Nome, but none as excited as the dogs are to be doing what they were born to do - race with their team and driver.
In order to support the race people were given a chance to own a very small part of land by Mt Susitna in return for a donation. I don't know what happened to the certificate but I do remember the quilt piece size of land was ours and we had helped start something that has continued to this day. I am very proud to have been there and I am proud today of the work that is done during the race. Several health issues have been found during the races that have helped non-racing dogs as well as the teams. The dogs on the teams are looked after first before the mushers can care for themselves. Every concern that can be addressed is thought out in advance and if something comes up during the race it is taken care immediately. Those that race and work the sidelines are caring animal lovers.
GO TEAMS!!!! Race well and we will see you under the arch in Nome!!
HuMom Sharon

NOTICE: NOME, Alaska (AP) -- Martin Buser, of Big Lake Alaska won the 2002 Iditarod in record time. More information will be posted soon. Doug Swingley who won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on Wednesday, 14 March 2001, for the third straight year, retired this year and took his time on the trail thanking all who had worked with him over the years.

The last race results may be found at Iditarod Headquarters.
Those interested in reading the dog's eye view can do so by reading Zuma's Reports.

We will be doing a tribute page to the "Father of the Iditarod" Joe Reddington, Sr. shortly. He passed away in 1999. Without his dedication to mushing there would never have been The Last Great Race on Earth.

Our HuMom is a member of the Trail Committee.
Use of the Iditarod Logo is by written permission only.

"Cats are smarter than dogs.
You can't get eight cats to pull
a sled through the snow."

                                          Jeff Valdez

The above is quoted with Lori's permission. Thanks Lori.

Here are some very special awards we have received and are very proud of: Lets party!!

Lady's best friend Katie gave this one to her.

CabinPets' Award Page Would you like to have one of our awards?

If you have applied for an award and have not picked one up please do so, our award page is back on line. Thank you.

Our wonderful gifts and awards have been moved to a special page. Please visit and see what we have been given by our friends. Thank you so much everyone



We have had cats named: YumYum, KopyKat, Swiggletail, Puss, Trish, Blacky, Herb, and even one named Dog. But did you know??.......

You are cordially invited to The Jellicle Ball.

Memorial to our very special cat, Noel Christina.

A page of Holistic Care for Felines.

* ~ FRIENDS ~ *

Woodro's pages lots of neat stuff

Harraden's Habitat Lots of wonderful birds and such, even a surprise or two.

Pekehaven Great dog pages.

Peke Avenue Home of Brandi and Friends.

Canidlover Visit Misha and April. Be sure to check out all their pages. Our favorite page is the Mixed Breed Page.

jstuffins's Visit and learn all about Hedgehogs.

The Dawghouse. Meet Sir Blueberry Muffin. Lots of pets and our favorite character Eeyore.

Guilo's DogHouse A very nice dog with a nice family too.

Foxbriar Visit with our friends Pepper and Foxfire.

We do and we won this wonderful award for finding all the animals listed in the Mother Goose Contest one year in Petsburgh. It was great fun to do things we our friends and neighbors.

Our Buddy Woodro has finished his battle with a terminal illness. Read how his humans helped him and other pets with his diary.

The Woodro has gone on to Rainbow Bridge.

There is also a beautiful memorial from his family at Words for Woodro

We will miss our friends and each Monday evening at 10 P.M., Eastern time, we will light a special clay pot luminary for The Woodro, Frankin, Lord Mickey, and all our pet friends who are at the bridge or ill.

You can join us by lighting a at 10 P. M. Monday night your time

For Winston and against animal cruelty.

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