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Now you are probably wondering what is a Toby Bear? Well, I'm not really a bear, but I just might be that big by the time I'm all grown up. I'm part Siberian Huskey, part Golden Retreiver. Odd mix you say? Well, I think I have the best of both breeds! My birthday is January 10, 1998. I have the bluest eyes you've ever seen and probably the longest legs too. But hey, I'm still growing. I'll catch up with them yet :)

Now back in March, my brother and I had just arrived at the pet store when my Mom-to-be came in. She was looking for a new puppy for her little boy. They had a very beautiful collie named Morgan who was seriously ill and she wanted a puppy to help make the little boys transition a little easier. First thing she looked at was a little collie girl next to us. Now, this girl was cute, but just wasn't right. then she looked at us. Now my brother looked just like me, but he had brown eyes. She took one look at my blue eyes and that was it :) She brought my Dad-to-be and the boy (Carlton) in to see me as soon as they got home. Now Dad, he took some convincing, but the boy.......all it took was a big wet puppy kiss and I had him :) Before I could say "dog gone" I was on my way home with them. And don't worry, my brother was also went home that night to a nice home.

Guess it was a good thing it was a Friday night, because everyone was up late playing with me. I got to meet Morgan, and I must admit, I was a bit of a pest to the old boy. You can be sure he let me know it too! I also got to meet the big girl who goes to college. What a night! I was one tired puppy. The next day they started trying to come up with a name for me. They even went to the web for a list of possible names. We tried a few, including some from Star Wars. How they settled on Toby I'll never know, but it's a name. I don't always answer to it, but what fun would that be. Now for some reason, the big girl (Joe Anna) started calling me Toby Bear (I sound like a bear sometimes) and that name has really stuck. So I'm now Toby Bear Haelig. After they got the name thing straightened out, things settled down into a pretty nice routine. They bought me this huge cage to sleep in at night with lots of snugglies and babies. And when they get up each morning and come to get me, I always bring a baby out with me and "talk to them about it" I do love to "talk". Then I know it's Puppy-O time! They make sure when I go to bed at night that I have lots of my babies with me in case I get lonely. Mom stayed home with me for a couple of weeks to help me get adjusted and the boy was home in the early afternoon from school. I decided it was my duty to make sure Morgan didn't just lay around all day. He really needed to get up and move around a little so his arthritis wouldn't hurt so much. I think I made his last couple of months a little better. He went to wait at the Rainbow Bridge on May 15th.

It's been a fun filled 7 months here. I've grown and grown and grown! I've eaten about a dozen "babies" and I even found a whole bag of them in the garage one day :) I still don't understand why the boy won't let me have his babies though. He has lots of those Beanie ones and the big girl has a Panda Bear that I just LOVE. But they just take them away from me :( But I did find that those nice little pillows on the couch are great to play with. I love to have my family chase me when I "borrow" things. I think running around the shrubs outside or jumping over the couch is the greatest! I've found lots of other neat things to do too. They have all this wood in the back yard. Big pieces, little pieces........It's more than a dog could dream of. I love to chew! I even carry the fire logs all over the place. For some reason, Mom keeps saying "No wood in the house"! But I see lots of wood in the house, what's the big deal about a little more? Then we come to my other favorite past time, digging. I live to dig! I don't care where, just let me dig. Dad seems to think his grass is off limits. I'm working on him, hopefully he will come around :) But then there is my other vice, sock stealing. Now I can always find one or two of those around, especially in the boys room. I think they should just give me the mate to the ones that the clothes dryer is always eating. Recycle, right? As soon as the summer weather arrived I discovered water! Now this was getting good. They have a fountain that I try and get in and they even bought me my own pool (for some reason they didn't like it when I got into theirs). Now the best part of my pool is when they use the hose to fill it up. If I could just figure out how to "catch" that stream of water that comes out, I'd jump for joy! It's a sneaky thing.
Now Mom keeps talking about holidays. I don't know exactly what they are yet, but I've already decided that I don't like Halloween! My Boy looked really scarry in his costume. Thanksgiving sounds like it could be fun, something about a "Big Bird". And I'm not sure, but the one called Christmas could prove the best yet. Mom keeps saying to Dad, "Toby and a Christmas Tree:. Now I wonder what a Christmas tree is? I like trees. Maybe it will have "babies" on it. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait a little while to find out.

Now I wanted to stop in this evening and say thank you for my very first award. If anyone is a "Misfit Pet" that's me. Go check out their site, they have lots of green crawly things. I bet I could have lots of fun with them! But seriously, thank you ! The award is down the page aways :)

Hey Hey there, it's a Toby Bear Update! Well today is November 1 and Halloween has come and gone. I saw the strangest "things" come to our door. And they got candy! I don't get candy :(.

December 1st! Wow, how time flies when you're having fun! Well that "Big Bird" has come and gone and you will be pleased to hear that I did get a piece of him afterall. He was just sitting there calling me.............:) Now it's been a long long wait, but mom finally got those pictures scanned. This is me at about 3 months. I don't exactly fit there anymore. I'm 80lbs and still growing! Mom will put the rest of the pictures on the next page for you to look at. Just click Pictures

December 7th. I wanted to stop by and tell you what happened to me this weekend. Mom and my boy took me for a ride in the car and when we stopped we were at this big store that had row after row of dog food and treats and there were other dogs there too!!! Now I don't get out too much and haven't learned a lot of social skills. I wasn't to happy to see these other critters. But the biggest critter of all (and the scariest!) was this man in a red suit and lots of white hair. And he wanted me to sit next to him! I made it very clear that that wasn't my idea of fun. He tried to bribe me with a bacon treat, but this dog sticks to his principles. No picture with the man in the red suit! This upset my boy for sure. He said I have to learn to like this Santa character because he isn't giving up his Christmas presents. Gee, some people really expect a lot. OK, OK, I'll work on it. Now mom put up that tree she had been talking about and it looks really pretty. I haven't eaten anything off of it yet, but I give it a good nosing over daily. I've also learned to keep my nose out of the fireplace!

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This has been fun! I still have lots of work to do here so I hope you will visit with me again soon.
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