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Scooter & Tuffy

We are Scooter and Tuffy, two Boston Terriers.  We live in Clifton, New Jersey, with our parents Ellen and Lowell, and our sisters Alyson and Alexandra. This site will tell you more about us and the fun we have!In the morning, we love to eat a hard boiled egg with biscuits.  I know, we're spoiled.  Our favorite way to spend the day is to sun ourselves on the deck, or maybe take a nap on the living room couch.  We love to be petted, and will "hit" our humans with our paws until they scratch our ears. We can also do a "high five."  We love to go for walks with our sisters.   At night, we love to sleep in our family's beds.  Tuffy's favorite spot is with Alexandra. Scooter has decided it is his job to keep the family safe.  One of the most fearsome things in his mind is a fire detector.  He hates it when the batteries get low.  So he tries to stop the sound, and he has found that if he chews the cover off the central vacuum cleaner, that someone comes running, and the fire detector noise stops.  Of course, he thinks he is the one who has done it, so we are losing a lot of vacuum cleaners because there is a short in the fire detector, and it goes off a lot.  Both dogs have decided to go on a diet, since Scooter is embarrassed by the overweight Boston warning on his page.  So they both are into healthy eating, especially vegetables.  Scooter especially enjoys garden salads with lettuce and carrots.  Both love broccoli, and one of Scooter's favorites is raw carrots. However, one night he threw up beans all over his father and the quilt on the bed. So much for healthy living! Scooter is so into food that when it is time to eat, he goes into the dining room and licks and drools on the wall.  Don't know what good that does, but he can't be convinced there is no connection between drooling and being fed.


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