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I'm Tuffy.  I'm four and live with my brother, Scooter, who you met on the previous page, and my parents and two sisters.  When I was a baby, I lived at Pet Pourri at the Willowbrook Mall.  My sister Alexandra saw me there, and instantly fell in love with me because I was so cute.   She convinced our parents to get me, and the people at the pet store tied a blue ribbon around my next and sprayed me with cheap doggie cologne to make me smell better.   My family knew I would be a handful when the put up a baby gate to keep me in my room and I was able to get over it by putting my paws in the gate webbing and climbing over it.  My favorite trick is to give a "high five."  I also have springs for legs, which lets me leap on top of all sorts of forbidden things.

"Tuffy the Terrier" Beanie Baby

Tuffy has springs just like tigger!