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    Welcome to my personal web page. I am using this welcome page as a general opening for the rest of the pages contained herein. Seeing as how I have quite a diverse nature ,it's only appropriate that these pages are also diverse.
    For those of us who adore the sphynx cat, I have a page with them ,as well as my other cat,all over it.This page also has links to other more informative sphynx sites.
    There is also a page on spiritual matters. I know MY spirit needs help! Entirely too much negativity in this world. This page containssome links and other useful nifties. Oh,one more thing is on this page. SYDNEY'S SPIRITUAL SENSE!! We have it people! What is it,you ask?
Well, go to this page and I'll tell you. Basically, you need to take a moment. :)
    And last, but certainly not least, my family!

Do you like the web design on my page? Visit the below bannered site and see this and many others! Some of the most beautiful page components I've seen.!

Go see my friends web page! She has lots of  nifty stuff there.

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