Created by Kathy Tratt
For my beloved Sonya
Updated on February 24, 2001

Hi! My name is Kathy and I'm a animal lover.
This site is dedicated to my beloved Sonya.

I have a total of five animals: Bear and three cats,
and Princess.

Sheba was a victim of a veterinary malpractice.
Please read about her story, just click Sheba's picture.

Remember Sheba

Check out JR'S Slot Car page, just click on the car icon.

Chow Chow Links:

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Tigh A. Ruadh Chow Chows
Online Chow Chow Resource Guide
Chow Chow Welfare The Chow Chow Club
The Chow Gallery
Chow Pictorial Pedigrees

Please check out Chows In Need

If you want to get a Chow Chow why not adopt one.

Save a Stray
Kitten Rescue
Bugsy's Animal Adoption Center
Dog Chow
The American Kennel Club

Cat Links:



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